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Mothers day cloth diaper hop: Sponsor spotlight: Glow bug Diapers.

     From May 1-12, 2012 I'll be participating in the Daily Mothering Mothers day blog hop. Daily Mothering will be having a huge grand prize package of Awesome cloth diapers and other great things!

      As the giveaway gets closer I'll have more information about the grand prize. There are 100 different blogs participating! So many awesome possibilities to win cloth diapers!

       When I started cloth diapering, I used Pre-folds and covers. After a little bit I switched to AIO's and tried a few pocket diapers. I love my AIO's, I wasn't really a fan of the pockets. For two main reasons, one, Morgen sucks at un-stuffing the pockets so I would end up having to rewash them because I would have the insert hanging half out even after a full rinse, wash and rinse. The second reason was that stuffing diapers is a pain, and when you have a 3 year old who wants all the attention on her all the time, a baby with reflux, housework and still want time to do some sewing or spend time with my husband, I want ot make things as easy as possible. So My solution was to chuck the pockets I had to the bottom of the diaper box and use only my AIO's. 

Then I got the opportunity to try a Glow bug Diaper. I actually really like this diaper. I think Evangeline heard me tell morgen we were reviewing the diaper because she gave that diaper a work out! The first time she wore the diaper, she had the world's messiest diaper and thanks to the awesome double gussets there was no blow out! The other thing I love about the Glow Bug Diaper is the double openings. The pocket opens in both the front and the back. The insert snaps in and when I change Eva I can just unbutton the insert and leave it in, no pulling out gross inserts because the insert actually just agitates out int he wash! I totally did not believe that the insert would come out in the wash, but, I gave it a try. I was surprised when I opened the washer and the insert and diaper were separate. 

Another great thing about Glow Bug Diapers is their customer service. After I washed the diaper they sent me the third time I noticed the stitching was coming out in the back. I emailed Glow bug because I wanted to know if this was a normal problem. They assured me it wasn't and they sent me a new diaper right away. The second diaper they sent me is perfect and I've washed it a few times and it still looks good as new. Since even some of the stitching has come loose on my expensive diapers a little loose stitching on one diaper isn't a big deal to me. Especially since Glow bug has such great customer service. Really Customer service is huge to me and Glow but now has a customer for life out of me. 

Glow bug Diapers was started by Neta Talmor and Sarah Downey in 2010. They had both just had their second kids and were looking for a quality cloth diaper that didn't cost a fortune. Glow bug diapers are sold in packs of 6 or 12 in set colors and prints. You can't mix and match your diaper, but the prints are all so great and they change prints annually, Both of these keep the prices down and save time. 
(double row of cross over snaps)

Glow Bug Diapers are made in China in their own factory, the employees are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. Glow Bug Diapers are made of polyester, the diapers are 100% polyester laminated with polyurethane on the outside and their exclusive SlimDry material is 100% polyester on the inside. The inserts are 70% polyester30% nylon microfiber. 

(elastic back to hold the diaper in place, pocket for ease of getting the insert out.)

Glow bug is sold in 3 different 12 packs, a girl package, a boy package and a general neutral spectrum package. They sell two booster packs of 6, one spectrum and one white. They also have a limited edition citrus individual diaper. The 12 pack is C$150, the booster is C$70-C$75 and the limited edition is C$20. The diapers really are great quality and the company has amazing customer service, and 12 diapers for C$150 is a great price. 
I really like these diapers and will be adding some to my own diaper stash. 
To buy some Glow bug diapers of your own go here.  Like Glow Bug on Facebook. 
(insert snapped in)

flap covering insert to make sue=re there is no leaking.

(these double gussets are my favorite part)

Edit to add some pictures of my silly girl modeling the diapers. 

From may 1st through 12th I'll be running a cloth diaper giveaway and you will be able to win 2 glow bug diapers. Come back on May 1st and enter to win a great prize pack of fluffy goodness. 

I was provided diapers by glow bug diapers for the purpose of reviewing them. All views are entirely my own.


Hardly Awkward said...

I am glad to hear your review! I have read another post on a different blog and the same glowing review was mentioned.

They seem like a true blessing as far as cloth diapers go!

Debbie P said...

Thanks for the review. I love their patterns and it is great to hear that they have wonderful customer service.

jennifer said...

hanks for the review! glowbug diapers are on my "must try list...great prints, and double gussets!

Hannah Avery said...

These look really nice!

-Hannah Avery


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