Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers day Cloth Giveaway hop: Sponsor spotlight: Sunbaby Diapers

From May 1-12, 2012 I'll be participating in the Daily Mothering Mothers day blog hop. Daily Mothering will be having a huge grand prize package of Awesome cloth diapers and other great things!

As the giveaway gets closer I'll have more information about the grand prize. There are 100 different blogs participating! So many awesome possibilities to win cloth diapers!

I was given the opportunity to try sunbaby diapers and sunbaby has been really cool and will be giving one diaper to the winner of my giveaway from May 1st -12th. 

Sunbaby Diapers were started by Sun pei and her husband after the birth of their son. The diapers are made in Shanghai China under fair labor practices. Sunbaby diapers should fit infants from 7 to 35 lbs with the 3 levels of snap down rise and hip snaps. 

Sunbaby diapers have two waist snaps on each side as well as a hip snap for better fit. They are made with waterproof breathable pul, and have great snug elastic. 

I really like that this diaper had the very snug back elastic for a better fit and the back flap does prevent leakage. The inside of the diapers is made of micro fleece and is very soft against baby's bottom. You can either get a micro fleece incert, a bamboo insert or a blend insert. I got the micro fleece insert and loved it. 

Sunbaby diapers have three rise settings and say they fit infants 7-35 lbs. I tried it on my oldest (who's not in diapers anymore) who is 32 lbs, it fit great. Eva is about 12.5 lbs and wears it on the lowest rise setting on the smallest waist setting. I'm not sure how well this would fit a 7 lb baby since Eva is over 12 lbs and wears it on the smallest setting, but she does seem to be about to grow into the next waist size up so I don't know. Unfortunately I don't make small babies (which is why they both came by c-section) and I didn't have anyone I could try the diaper on their small baby either.  
There are some really adorable prints to choose from. I was sent the Doll print and its super cute. 
The Doll print diaper

Eva modeling her diaper. She's got that "take the darn picture already mom" look down, don't ya think?

If I got another diaper I would like to try the bamboo insert, I think the micro fleece insert in these are a little on the big side. Not a deal breaker, but she definitely has some pants she can't wear with this diaper. Although when she starts to walk I think this might become a go to diaper since its SO fluffy in the butt, it would give her some good padding for when she falls. 

 I like the the elastic is nice and tight around her legs but it doesn't look like its cutting off the circulation. We tried a different pocket diaper that was MUCH more expensive than sunbaby diapers and the only way to get the poop not to shoot out the side was to make the elastic so tight on her leg it left a horrible indent on her. So I like that these fit so well on the legs. Eva seems to know when we are trying a diaper for the first time because she always gives her best back end performance. This was no exception. She put this diaper to the test and it passed. Nothing coming out the side (even with Morgen yelling what the heck I was feeding her to make her go that much).

Overall sunbaby diapers are very affordable, and the quality is a lot better than I thought it would be considering how inexpensive they are. A 6 pack of one size 4.0 diapers with 12 micro fleece inserts is $45. That comes out to $7.50 for a diaper and 2 inserts. I really haven't seen a quality diaper on the market for less than this one. 

To buy your own sunbaby diapers check out their website
Come back tomorrow to enter to win my Mothers Day cloth diaper giveaway package valued at $103 which includes one sunbaby diaper. 

I was provided a diaper by Sunbaby for the purpose of reviewing it. All views are my own. 


Hardly Awkward said...

That is a cute diaper! I might get these when I have a baby!!

Ashley S said...

So cute! I don't use CDs, but my friends do. I'll have to share this post and giveaway with them! Thanks for sharing :)

Jenelle said...

Awww!!! These are so cute!!! I wish I would of known about them when my daughter was a baby I might of been willing to try cloth diapers!


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