Monday, May 28, 2012

What? You want to eat?

Ever have one of those days where you are running around, doing so much you forget you have to make dinner? Yea happens to me all the time. And sine we are on a very strict budget, getting pizza or chinese take out isn't in the cards when I forget about dinner.

It happened again the other night, I was sewing while Tabitha was at school and Eva was actually sleeping for once during that time. So when Tabitha got home I started cleaning and playing with her and the next thing I knew it was already 6pm! Yeiks, dinner should already be on the table by then and Tabitha's attitude was letting me know it. So I ran into the kitchen to see what I cold make, I looked at the dinner calender and realize there was no way I had the 1 1/2 hours I would need to cook that nights dinner, so off to the pantry I go.

It had been a few weeks since I did major grocery shopping (I do my major shopping trip at the beginning of the month and then do small trips for fresh veggies, milk and bread through the month) and the pantry was looking a little bare.

Here's what I had:
crackers, Tabitha's box of random snack stuff,  diced tomatoes with sweet onions, olives, different kinds of pasta, black beans, canned mushrooms, and chili.

So I threw some(a large bag) tri color rotini in to boil, and once it was cooked and drained i put it back in the pot. I threw in two cans of tomatoes with sweet onions (drained), 1 can of sliced mushrooms (drained) and a can of olives (drained).
Morgen had 3rds, Tabitha who rarely finishes her dinner had 2nds! It also made enough that I was able to split it up into containers for Morgen to take to school for two days worth of lunches! I added some salt and pepper to it as well and it was darn good for a 15 minute dinner!


Paula Schuck said...

My kids would never eat the olives so I would modify. But they love that rainbow rotini. Big fans


Teresa Peschke said...

haha My daughter eats all the olives first and then asks us to put more in. she's an olive fiend! =)


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