Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sponsor spotlight: EG Baby Designs Natural Newborn Giveaway hop

For a while we were trying to find the perfect night time diaper for Eva. The AIOs we had would stink to high heaven by the morning, most of the pockets would leak, and I was just getting frustrated. One of my friends told me to try fitteds. So I went searching. I really like to buy from WAHM's, I find the quality is usually better, and you can always talk to them about what works and what doesn't. I was turned onto EG baby design by another WAHM diaper company that I follow on Facebook. EG Baby design was selling testers of her new fitted, so I bought a size 1 for Eva. Oh My Gosh! It was amazing, no leaks, no nasty smell, they were super easy to clean. I loved it! So when it came time to find a sponsor for this giveaway hop, you better believe I contacted EG Baby Designs!
Not only are her diapers AMAZING, and totally affordable, but they are totally customizable, and OH SO SOFT! I line dry my diapers and then throw my fitteds and inserts in the dryer for a quick fluff, but even right off the line my EG Diaper is so soft!. For this review I was able to pick which color of cotton Velour I wanted as well as what color snaps. Since we call Eva our little bumble bee, I asked for Black Velour with yellow snaps, and she lined it with a beautiful yellow velour. I was so seriously excited when this diaper came and ran inside to do a load of diapers right away so I could put it on Eva ASAP! 

The Diaper I got for eva is a size 2 it fits 15 lbs to 40+ lbs. The Size 1 fitted we have fits Newborn to 18 lbs. Eva is just under 15 lbs and this diaper fits great. She is on the lowest rise setting and the tabs overlap. On the size one she is on the highest rise setting (completely unsnapped) and she still has a few waist snaps to move out to. 

Eva's got little chunker legs so there is no gap at the leg holes, but if you have a thin baby who is around 14 lbs you probably want to go with the size 1, as the leg holes are smaller. 

The inside of the diaper has a snap in soaker that is so soft against her little bum! I'm almost sad to cover it with our bio degradable liners. Almost, I'm not a fan of dunk and swish and our diaper sprayer hasn't arrived yet. But when it does, I will probably stop using the liner with this diaper because its so nice and cozy on her bottom! 

The diaper is huge when completely unsnapped, I tried it on Tabitha who weighs roughly 32 lbs and she still had a few waist snaps to go so I believe that it will go to 40 lbs. 

Eva, was not all that into modeling for me when I took the pictures, She just wanted to go to sleep, no smiles from her. But she definitely gave this diaper a work out. If she's not going to sleep right after I put a fitted on her I like to let her go without a cover so he skin can breathe more. She rolled and face crawled (She still can't seem to get the hands and legs right so she uses her face to move her self along) all over our bed and there wasn't a sing gap or leak. 
I am absolutely in Love with the EG Baby Design fitted diapers, so much so that I just bought two more when she opened up a co-op order this month. 
This is one of my new diapers on the way to me!
And this is the other one. 

EG Baby design doesn't just do fitted either! Check out some of the super cute items in her store

This is a size 3-6 month top with a matching size 1 AI2 with a bamboo insert. 

Size 1 AI2. If it had been a size 2 I would have jumped all over this one!

This is a fitted with a tester cover. She is still working on the design of the covers, so for right now all she has available is testers. 

A Size 2 pocket with a bamboo insert

You can check out all the colors for the fitted diapers here.

Make sure you like EG Baby Design on Facebook.   And follow her on Pinterest as well!

One Lucky winner will win a custom made Fitted Diaper from EG Baby Design in the Natural Newborn Giveaway starting on the 17th! Make sure you like EG Baby Design on Facebook and pinterst now so you can claim those entries on the Rafflecopter form! 

Good Luck and Go check out all the amazing stuff she has in her shop!

Disclosure, I was given this diaper for free for the purpose of this review. I would never recommend a product I would not personally use. I stand behind this review. 


I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Adorable! We haven't tried this brand, but I will definitely be checking them out next time we need diapers.

Diane said...

She offers such cute styles!

Ninja Wifey said...

This is great to know. Thinking about going for child #3 and using cloth this time around. Thanks for the post!

Misty said...

I have that fitted/cover tester!! And I can tell you right now, it. is. AMAZING! Seriously, I now have 2 fitteds from her, a dress (with a matching disposable diaper cover) on the way, and a superhero set (shoes, an AI2, and wipes). I LOVE THEM ALL! I'm SO excited that you feel the same about her fitteds. Anyone who tries any of her items will NOT be disappointed!

polly said...

i just love the bight colors and fabric she uses.

AMW said...

Great review! I just ordered one of her diapers. Can't wait to get it!!!


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