Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Green Toys, Natural Newborn event

Have you heard of Green Toys? The Environmentally friendly Eco toys, that are BPA and Phthalates free? They are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials how cool is that? They are also packaged in 100% post consumer recycled cardboard with no twist ties or plastic that has to be thrown away.  I first heard of Green Toys when Tabitha was 1, she got a Green Toys sand play set for her birthday from a friend.
Two years later we still have this entire set of sand toys, because unlike other sand toys, Green toys are built to last. I was really excited when I contacted Green Toys about sponsoring this giveaway hop and they said they would love to. They sent me a Green Toys School Bus, which is perfect, because Tabitha is OBSESSED with school busses, and Eva Loves anything with wheels. It says it is for children 1+, but Eva is 6 (almost 7) months old and loved playing with it. Tabitha is 3 years old and had a ton of fun as well. 


The girls Love this toy, and I love that not only is it something that they both love, but its is good for the environment!
Some of the things I LOVE about Green Toys:

  • All toys and their raw materials are produced in California, which means less transportation of materials and less green house gasses. Also California has some of the strictest regulations for toys, so you know that they are the cleanest toys out there.
  • Environmental Packaging: All Green Toys are packaged in minimal packaging consisting of post consumer recycled corrugated cardboard, with no twist ties, plastic or cellophane, which makes them easy to open and ready to recycle. 
  • Green toys are SAFE! No BPA, no Phthalates, no lead paint. Every toy passes a number of safety protocols. 

Green Toys main ingredient is HDPE A plastic made from recycled milk jugs, yep the very same milk jugs you recycle every day! 

Tabitha and Evangeline give Green toys two big smiles! 

One Lucky Reader will win one of these awesome Green Toys School Bus' in the Natural Newborn Giveaway Event Starting on 8/17! I hope you are all excited for this event!

Make sure you check out Green Toys and Like them on Facebook!

Disclosure: I was sent this toy from Green Toys for the purpose of my review. I would never recommend a product that I wouldn't personally use, and don't personally love. I stand behind this review. 

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Rachel Hull said...

These look SO cute! Great shots of the toys too, I like that I can get a real dimension size. Thanks!


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