Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wonderland Dress part 3

Hey Everyone!
Sorry this is so late, apparently I picked up a flu thats going around and had a really rough day.
Tomorrow's post will be a little late too because I didn't get any sewing done but i'm going to try to get it up earlier than today.
Ok well here we go on to part three, the skirt.

Step 1: Lay skirt tops with outsides facing in on top of each other lining up the edges. 
Step 2: Pin front of skirt to back of skirt. 

Step 3: Sew front of skirt and back of skirt together.

Step 4: Place contrast strips on top of each other with outsides facing in, and pin

Step 5: Sew Contrast strips together forming one continuous band.

 Step 6: Place contrast band and Skirt face to face at bottom of the skirt, and pin them together.

 Step 7: Sew skirt to contrast band.

 Step 8: Take both bottom trim pieces and lay them face together and pin the sides. 

Step 9: Sew the bottom strips together forming a continuous strip. 
Step 10: Pin the bottom strip to the contrast strip. 

Step 11: Sew the bottom band to the skirt at the white band as close to the edge as you can.

Here is what your skirt should look like now. 
 If you have a ruffler foot attach it to your machine now.

Step 12: using your ruffler foot sew around the skirt following the directions that came with your foot. 
If you don't have a ruffler foot, go here for step by step instructions on how to gather the top of your skirt.

 Here is what your gathered/ruffled skirt should look. 

Step 13: Turn your bodice inside out.
Step 14: Slide skirt (outsides together) into bodice so the waist of the bodice and the waist of the skirt meet. 
Step 15: pin bodice to skirt.

Step 16: Sew the bodice to the skirt making sure to cover your stitches from ruffling/gathering the skirt. 

 What your dress should look like now!
Ok so come back tomorrow for the last part of this sew-a-long! Tomorrow we will be doing the sleeves and attaching them to the bodice, then hemming the skirt. 

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