Friday, May 27, 2011

Wonderland Dress Part 4

Ok so here we are! The last part of the Wonderland Dress!
Step 1: fold contrast arm bands in half (outside facing out) and iron down

Step 2: Place folded contrast fabric on sleeve, open end and bottom of the sleeve together. 

Step 3: Pin sleeve to band

Step 4: Sew the sleeve to the contrast band. 
Step 5: Iron the sleeve and band flat

Step 6: Ruffle the top of the sleeve the same way you did the skirt

Step 7: fold sleeve in half (outside in) sew up the end. cut off the excess

Step 8: Turn bodice inside out and pin sleeve to the outside of the dress. The inside of the Dress is facing you, so the sleeve will be inside the bodice. 

Step 9 sew the bodice and the sleeve together

Step 10: Fold the hem and iron down all the way around the dress. Then fold the hem and iron again. 
Step 11: if you don't want to learn to use a twin needle then hem your skirt and you are finished, if you do keep going. 

This is your twin needle. It will become your friend!

Step 11: place a bobbin of thread (same color) in front of your spool of thread. 

Step 12: line the threads up and loop them through your machine like one thread. 

Step 13 separate your thread and place one through each hole in the needle. 

One thread through each hole

Step 14: Sew a single hem line around the skirt, you will end up with parallel lines. Make sure the outside is facing up because the back looks like a zig zag and thats not the look your going for. 

See nice even hem line!

Look at your work and admire it! Sorry no model tonight she's too sick! 
I would love to see all your wonderland dresses! leave me a link to yours and if I get enough I'll do a round up next week. 

Thanks everyone for sticking through my first ever Sew-A-Long!

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