Thursday, May 26, 2011

My day was not good

So sorry that part 4 of the Wonderland dress is still not up, there is a very good reason, that reason being a puking 2 year old.
So with me being sick yesterday, today T woke up at 9 totally lethargic. She just lay there and looked at me for 20 min, finally i got her to drink some water and she seemed a little better. At 9:45 M came home from school and lay down on the bed to talk to us. T crawled over to him and promptly fell asleep. 1/2 hour later she woke up yelling for mommy. I cuddled her and she fell back asleep until 1 pm. This is not normal behavior for my very active kid. So I called the DR and they had a cancellation and told me to bring her in at 2:45. We tried to get her to eat but all she ate was 3 little slices of a hot dog. At the Dr (where she's usually running around like crazy and trying to climb on the Dr's swivel chair) she laid on the floor staring at us for 10 min while we waited for the Dr. The Dr said it may be a flu but her throat was bright red so they did a strep test and it was negative. He gave her antibiotics just in case and sent us home. We had to run some errands and since i wasn't feeling sick anymore I had M stay in the car with T while I ran into walmart to get her meds and a few other places. We got her to take her meds and even eat a little. She seemed great and happy and playful. We were so happy maybe she was feeling better already? SO I went to drop M off at the plasma donation center and T had fallen asleep again! So I told M I would wait in the car while he donated and read since she was sleeping. T woke up an hour and a half later and immediately wanted out of her car seat and to sit in the driver's seat. I let her and as I was clearing out the passengers seat so I could sit next to her she started to cry. I was dumbfounded, nothing had happened why was she crying? Then it happened. Puke all over the driver's seat, the center console and the carpet! Yuck! Once she was done I stripped off her jacket, Jeans and shoes and stuffed them in a bag, I quickly realized she had also had diarrhea when she puked and cleaned that up too. All this in a parking lot with 25 MPH winds today! Yea fun times! SO I got her calm and had her sit with a toy and a book in the back of the car (SUV so trunk space). And then I set to work on cleaning the puke. I got it all but the smell was terrible! I called my mom to find out how to get rid of the smell. She suggested the stuff you use to get animal smell and stains out of carpets and furniture. (Totally worked! Thanks Mom!). M finally got done and was not feeling great himself now, so we went home and I finally got to start the last part of the dress while T watched some Kipper with M. While editing the pictures T had a meltdown and was screaming for mommy. It then took me over two hours to get T to sleep. SO now I'm going back to the pictures and will hopefully have the last part of the Sew A Long up in about an hour or so. I hope everyone had a better day than we did!

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