Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sew Hip Top Tutorial

SO I actually got around to making a tutorial for the Sew Hip Top. But before I start I have to admit a few things. One my camera battery died in the middle so I'm missing one picture. And two I changed it a little bit, only the way the colors go.

In my new version I made the chest and the insert the same color, then I made the outside of the shirt and the straps the same color. 
What you'll need to make the Sew Hip Top
1. Measure your child around the chest. My daughter is 19''. I made the band for her on the hip top 22 inches and its a little tight, so for the new one I made the band 26 inches. It may be a little big but she'll be able to grow into it so thats ok. 

Supplies: (you'll need to figure out what the measurments are for your child)
For a 19" chest measurement
1/2 yard main color
1/4 yard accent color.
4 covered buttons
thread, sewing machine, all the regular sewing stuff,
a piece of fusible interfacing

Of the Main Fabric (apples) I cut a piece at 11 1/2" x 21 1/2" on the fold.

for the straps: Cut 2 pieces 10"x 2"

(show your little one the measurements) =)

Some how I didn't get a picture of the other cuts so here they are:
The Chest piece (red) cut 6"x13" on the fold
The insert (red) cut 11 1/2" x 7 1/2"  on the fold. 
For the buttons: use the button cutting guide on the back of the package to cut out the fabric circles for the buttons.
I also cut a piece of (apple) fabric 17" x 2 1/2" for a bow (that I didn't end up using) I may end up adding it later. 

Here is all your fabric cuts laid out.

Start with your straps. Fold them in half, and sew as close as you can to the edge. 

Then turn them out and iron them flat.

Take the red chest piece and iron it flat. 
Iron the fusible interfacing to this piece. (sorry no picture)

Fold in half and sew then turn inside out (my picture looks off because I forgot the interfacing and had to unstich it and re sew it after I put it in)

Next I took the Apple fabric and cut it in half.

Then I did the same with the red insert fabric

I pinned once piece of insert fabric to the end of the apple fabric

Then sewed them together.

 then I sewed the red insert to the other piece of the apple fabric

and then Sewed the last insert to the apple fabric. (So if layed out the order would be apple, red, apple red.) Then sew the two ends together to form a tube.

This is what your tube should look like

I then did box pleats all the way around the skirt. 

I sewed all the way around the skirt

Sew the chest band onto the skirt. 

I left a 4 inch piece open in the back like above
Then Sew the straps to the back of the bodice. 

Using my button hole foot, I added two button holes on the strap. 

Then I sewed two Button holes on the chest. (on the original I sewed the button holes to the straps and the buttons to the chest, you can do it either way)

Then I hand sewed the buttons on the straps and the back
Last hem the bottom of the shirt. 
And there you go!
I hope my explanations made sense. This is a super easy shirt to make. If anyone makes one I would love to see!


Back (I didn't have any red thread and I was too cheep and too lazy to go buy more)

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