Friday, May 13, 2011

KSWC This week so far

Sorry i've been so MIA this week, i've been busy doing a lot of sewing, and with the little time I have some days its either sewing or blogging and I picked sewing. So this week is Kids Sewing Week. During this week you spend at least an hour each day sewing something for your kids. This is what I've been up to so far this week.
On day 1 (Monday) I made Tabitha a Romper with a snap bottom, a halter top and a shirred back. I love the way it turned out (although the crotch was a little small so I added a strip in the middle to make it larger.) I thought it was super cute, but Tabitha doesn't seem to like it. I'm gonna wash it again and hopefully it will make it softer, I think it might be too stiff in the crouch because I used 2 layers of interfacing, 2 layers of lining and 2 layers of the main fabric (which was really thin which is why i used a lining.)

 Day Two (Tuesday) I got these fabrics for this dress for $2.88 a yard at porters. I love this pattern. Tabitha used to have a super cute dress by Tommy Hillfiger that looked like this one and I would love to have another one for her but I didn't want to pay $30 for it. So I made this one and it in total cost me $4.00! Holla!

Day 3 (Wednesday) I used a Project Runway pattern by simplicity. I love those patterns because you can really make it your own. I love that 2 different people can use the same pattern and make something totally different. The only thing I didn't like about this pattern was that the neck line was super low. I was afraid that it was gonna show her chest, and unless she's running around in just her diaper I really don't think people should be seeing my baby girls chest =) SO I added this ruffle and used the same fabric to make bias tape for the neckline. The main fabric is Flora and Fauna hummingbirds in Lime by Michael Miller and the accent Fabric is Flora and Fauna Dandelions in Raspberry by Michael Miller. 

Day 4 & 5 (Thursday and Friday)  I used Valori Wells Olive Rose collection Curves in emerald, and Green Cotton from my stash, not sure where I got it from. I used a pattern for bloomers to make the shorts, I made them a little bigger than the pattern and didn't put the elastic in the bottom. I added pockets on the front. The shirt I made using a pattern I made. I think the neckline is a little big, but I was looking to make it a boat neck tank and I made it a little wide. The next one I'll take in a bit. (once I get it perfected I'll make a tutorial for it)

This is the I just got bribed with butterscotch tollhouse chips shot =)

Dancing for candy =)

A little Action shot!

Tabitha looking at my Mother's day flowers

Checking out her pockets

I have a few more things to get done this week. Tomorrow I'm doing a 5k with my relief society in the morning, then I'm gonna veg for the rest of the day and hopefully get some sewing done. I have another romper pattern to try out, and she needs some more shorts and shirt. Hope your all having a great day!

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