Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty Bow holder

So if your like me, you have a huge mess of bows, headbands, etc for your little princess. Tabitha loves to wear hair bows, tiaras, flowers, and the like. Morgen hates that we have a huge mess of them on our bathroom counter.

Here is what our bathroom looked like before, plus an extra box of headbands on top of the jewelry box out of the picture. 

Here is the After! 

Want to make one? 


Supply list:
Painters canvas. I used a thin one I got in a two pack at Porters.
A Fat Quarter of your desired fabric
Spray Adhesive
 staple gun
drop cloth or newspapers

Ready to get started?

 Here's all your supplies

Step 1. lay out your paper/ drop cloth

Step 2: Spray the canvas according to directions on the can.

Step 3: lay fabric on canvas and smooth on.
Step 4: Pull edges as tight as you can and staple on the back. Try to do this as close to the inside as possible. Make sure you get the edges nice and neat. 

Step 5: If your staples look like mine (ie stuck up a little) use a hammer and gently hammer them down.

 Step 6: staple ribbon on the back, pull tight around to other side over front and staple on back. Alternate ribbon, or if your using all one kind, keep going till you reach the end. The frequency is up to you.

Step 7: Admire your awesome work. =)

Place in bathroom or bedroom to display and hold hair clips and bows. 

Cost Break down:
I had the fabric from a fat quarter exchange from Sew mama Sew $0
The ribbon was from my stash $0
Canvas 2 pack: $4 ($2 each)
Spray adhesive $8 (more than enough for multiple projects)
Staple gun and staples were borrowed from my super awesome hubby. 
I did this in about an hour. Now my bathroom is starting to look like less of a mess (lets be honest, because its definitely not spotless!)

If you make one i'd love to see it!

I've linked this post up to tip junkie, Take a look!
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emilysnan said...

hiya theresa , what a great idea and tut , tfs , i am visiting from tip junkie and following you too x great blog and i will be back hope to see you at mine sometime

slicktoria said...

This is a great idea! Since Maya is so small, I haven't yet enCOUNTERed this problem (haha, see what I did there?), but this is a great idea, and I will definitely be making one meself :D Foam core board would also work well, too, I'd think... Love the fabric! Passion flowers are so pretty :)



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