Monday, March 14, 2011

Easy floor blanket tutorial

Since my little princess wanted a Princess and the Frog party, i've been on the look out for cheep cute and inexpensive ideas for decorations. We live in Idaho now so an outdoor party in April isn't going to work. I also don't want to pay to have a party for a 2 year old at one of the party places here. Since we are going to have her party here at our small cozy house, its all about having a place for people to sit. I decided to make a floor blanket for the kids to sit on and then let the adults sit in the chairs and the couch.

Seriously don't let Tabitha's lack of enthusiasm in this picture fool you, she loves it, she's just not feeling well right now. 

Ready to get started? Awesome, 

you'll need:
1 yard cotton fabric for the front. I used princess and the Frog fabric from walmart
1 yard batting (i had some on hand from another project)
1 yard flannel for the back. (I used some lavender plane flannel)
1 package of single fold blanket binding. (I used green to contrast with the fabric)
needles, thread, sewing machine, scissors etc. 

Sorry its a little low on pictures but I think you'll be able to figure those parts out.
Step 1: I laid out the flannel, right side down. (sorry no pic)
Step 2: lay the batting on top of the flannel.
Step 3: lay the top fabric on top of the batting. Then pin all layers together. 
(note: even though I had 1 yard of each, they didn't all line up. I left them uneven until i sewed them together)
step 4: Sew the three layers together. The top layer was a little smaller than the other two, so I sewed along the selvage, all the way around. 
Step 5: (a little hard to see in the picture, sorry) I put pins in the pattern I wanted in the middle of the blanket. For mine I did them off set of eachother and each row about a hand apart. 
Step 6. Cut the excess batting and bottom layer off. I left a little bit of room (about 1/4 inch) past the selvage of the top layer. 
Step 7: lay the blanket out flat and open the binding. Slide the blanket inside the binding and pin. go all the way around, making sure to fold the edges on the corners. 

Step 8: Sew along the edge of the binding making sure to catch the blanket all the way around. 
Step 9. use your yarn to sew knots where you pinned previously. (sorry no pic)
And your done!
Step back and enjoy your cute little blanket. 
My little one likes to cuddle in hers when she's watching Angelina Ballerina. 

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