Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fall? not fall?

Princess Monster Baby!
Seriously this weather needs to make up its mind! My goodness, one minute its cold so i'm putting pants and long sleeve shirts on Tabitha, the next i have to strip her and put her in a dress because its hot and she's sweating!
Its the middle of October and i've yet to see orange and brown leaves, thats one thing I really miss about sonoma county. Fall was beautiful.
Today we went to a playdate with the mom's group, we started building our Zucchini girl (scarecrow) for Gilroy Gardens. Its gonna be CA-U-TE!
Morgen came with us to wrangle Tabitha so I could do some work and talk. Which was so nice! Its funny Tabitha has taken to making this (uh uh uh) sound when she runs and you can hear here where ever she is. She's growing up so fast! She finally has all the parts of the face and can show you on her and you where they are, although she can't say any of them except "nose".
One of Tabitha's new favorite games is "what does the _____ say?" She has Dinosaur (raw!) and Horse (she does a little neigh and spits). She's also decided she loves Tabitha the building and Tabitha Earthquake. (she sits on my sholders and i gently shake while saying "earthquake!")
Tabitha is going through a jellous phase. Morgen is not allowed to rub my feet, if she sees it she will run over pull my feet away say "no! Mine!" and climb up and put her feet in daddy's lap. Tonight after scouts we were playing with her best friend Chad and Morgen picked up chad and threw him over his sholder and hung him upside down, which chad thought was awesome. Tabitha ran over grabed morgen around the legs and yelled "no! mine!" Its kind of cute now but I know we need to not encourage this behavior so we're trying to curb it.
Tabitha learned how to fist bump and now she wont do high fives, (they're so 12 months old!).
Shes just growing and developing so fast!

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