Monday, November 01, 2010

This is Halloween!

Well we didnt spend Halloween in the ER (like last year with morgen) this year so thats a plus! Although we did end up there a few days before (stupid bad back!) Tabitha had her first real Halloween this year and she had a blast! (although I had to bribe her with pasta to get this picture!)
 Tabitha had her first Halloween party with was a sucess. the kids had fun and so did the parents! There were 3 Tinkerbell's there! haha! but they were all so cute!
 tabitha showing us where here nose is.
 Tabitha dancing in the kitchen during her party
 Tabitha and her friend Phoenix giving hugs (they are so cute!)
 Tabitha and I at the ward Trunk or Treat! At first she had no clue what to think about all this, but after a while she was so excited! She loved running up to the cars and putting her bag out! She never actually managed to say "trick or treat" but about half way through she started saying "takooo!" (Thank you) and waiving.
 We tried multiple times to get a good group picture at the party but It was  just not meant to be! We got some good ones of individual kids in each picture. These two are the best of the 6 or 7 I took.
Tabitha had more important things on her mind than a picture, like eating her wing. she also ate a jewl off her shoe that night. This kid will put anything in her mouth!
On Sunday night we went to Downtown safe Trick or Treat, which of course I forgot my camera for and got no pictures! grr! it was ok, but boy was I glad Tabitha and Chad wanted to ride in their strollers! It was so crowded and there were a lot of adults in not appropriate costumes which annoyed me since this is a "family event". Then we went to go see some friends of the family to show off Tabitha which was fun. We went to see morgen's old neighbor and after a bit of being there, she put out her bucket and said "Teet!" so they put the basket of treats infront of her and she took 2 full size candy bars in one hand and another with the other hand! Thats my girl! haha! Over all I think Tabitha's first real Halloween was a sucess!

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