Saturday, January 09, 2010

Project 365 day 8

So I took Tabitha to Champions academy today for a play date. IT was ok, I liked the facility, and Tabitha seemed to enjoy herself, but I so hate it when you go somewhere and parents are to concerned with chit chating to pay attention to their kids. There was some boy id didn't recognize who kept running up to Tabitha and yelling in her face, I told him to stop like 5 times and His mom was to busy talking to someone to do anything about it. Then this girl from our playgroup decided she wanted to go on the smallest balance beam in the the room the babies were in (even though she was big enough for the others) even though Tabitha was playing on it. I didn't say anything because I figured they could each play on different ends, but instead she walked over to Tabitha and tried to kick her in the head, if i hadn't moved Tabitha so quickly she would have been kicked in the face by this girl, and her dad wasn't even in the room he was in the other room talking to parents! I was so frustrated by all this, that I decided it was time to leave early. As we were getting ready to go, someone had to go tell another woman her kid was leaving out the front door, because she was so busy talking she didn't even realize he had left.
I know some people accuse me of being a helicopter parent, but you know what I would rather be a hoverer and know what my kid is doing that a hands off parent who's kid is a holy terror!
One good thing that happened was that Tabitha had a fun time practicing walking, they had parallel bars with a mat under them that was tall enough for Tabitha to hold onto while walking, and she really seemed to like that and crawling over the balance beam.
Other than that Tabitha is teething again so nap time really didn't happen until she was in the car at 5:45 going to pick up daddy. She passed out when i brought her up for bed, but that wasn't till 11:30. Hopefully she'll be able to catch up on her sleep tomorrow. The play date was right in the middle of nap time today so she was all screwed up.


Emily said...

I think there can be a good in-between of the things you described. I think it's sad that the mom didn't even notice her child was walking out the door. :(

I've always tried to be a close mom, but let Aria kind of wander around on her own. I don't mind talking with friends but my main concern is that I can see Aria from where I am and make sure she is safe.

jess said...

ditto what emily have to find the balance...let them be independent, but KEEP AN EYE on them, for heavens sake! I know how you feel...


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