Friday, April 10, 2009

She's here!

Our little angel Tabitha Ruth Peschke was born on April 6 at 7:20 pm. the short story is that, my water broke on sunday night around 9pm, we called l&D and they said to take a shower and get something to eat then come in, so we got there around 11:30, after a few tests they decided that yes in fact my water did break, (funny that the clear goopy stuff draining out of me didn't clue them in they had look at it under a microscope). They said they were going to wait and see if my contractions got stronger because they were all over the place and i could barely feel them. so by the next morning at 9 am still nothing so they gave me pitocin. that stuff sucks, if its ever offered to you and you don't need it don't take it. after being in horribly painful labor from 9am to 4pm (with no food by the way, i was starving) i was still only dilated to 4. they finally talked me into an epidural, which i really had been against. at 6 they said if i wasn't dilated to 5 in an hour they were going to need to do a c section because they needed to get her out by 24 hrs after my water broke. an hour later and i was still at 4, they still couldn't feel the baby's head and i was exhausted. they upped my epidural gave me a bunch of other drugs for the pain and wheeled me in to the or. Tabitha was born at 7:20pm and Morgen went with her to the nursery as they stitched me up. after being in recovery for 1 1/2 hrs they finally brought me Tabitha (after an hour of me asking, "when can i see m y baby, when is my baby coming?", and apparently Morgen was doing the same thing in the nursery asking "when can we take her to Teresa, she needs to see her mommy")
they brought her in and we tried to breast feed and it worked a little. they took us to our room and we worked on some more breast feeding and basically spent the night getting to know each other. we spent the next 2 1/2 days in the hospital and came home on Thursday after noon. we have so much more to share but no time right now. for now enjoy some pictures.
i'll leave you with some pictures and video of our miracle!


Rory and Jess said...

COngratulations you guys!! She's so cute! Babies are so precious, I can't wait to meet her!

Jasmin said...



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