Sunday, April 12, 2009

proud mommy post

So today was Tabitha's first Easter, and while she's only 6 days old, I think she had an amazing day! She got a super cute outfit, pink footed pants with a fuzzy bunny on the butt. and a onesie with the fuzzy bunny in an egg. She also got a stuffed thumper. Which is super cute, and she had no interest in.

Morgen took his netbook to church today to show off Tabitha. hee said at one point he had to hold it at arms reach bescause a crowed of people gathered around him to see her. although who can blame them?
The only major downer of today was that i got a call a few minutes before sacrament telling me that I was being released and that they were calling someone today. I haven't gone to anything but primary in years, it will be weird not being there.
After morgen got home from church, we took our little angel for her first walk. The dr said i needed to start walking around more than just up and down my small hallway as soon as possible to help my body heal faster. we had a nice walk except for the stupid people who decided it was a good idea to hit golf balls across the street instead of into the empty soccer field. One came about a foot from hitting Tabitha's stroller and morgen got mad so he called the cops about them. As morgen was on the phone with the cops i'm pretty sure the guys hit a car becasue i heard a crash. hope they got in trouble.
My mom's been here since wedensday night helping out, she picked me up from the hospital on Thursday and has been helping morgen get the house cleaned and has been cooking for us. I'm really glad she could come out not just for all the stuff she's been doing for me, expecially the driving me around since i can't drive for two weeks, but becasue she gets to spend time with Tabitha. She missed all this with Vivian, becasue she was in the NICU and my mom had to leave before she got home. I know my mom loves spending time with her, and its been helpful to have someone i can ask all my questions to, and to have someone who lets me know i'm doing a good job with Tabitha (besides morgen, who's always been my constant cheerleader). We got my mom the funniest licence place frame for her car for easter, it says "my grandkids are cuter than your grandkids" although aparently in AZ you can't have licence plate holders on the back of your car any more, which seems prety weierd to me. but she can put it on the front so thats good!
Its so amazing how much Tabitha grows each day. I'm sad that her cheeks are already starting to go away, and at the same time i love watching all these amazing changes happen infront of my eyes. She really is the most amazing miracle! Its so funny, when she was born every one kept saying what a big baby she is and how she won't fit any of the newborn clothes we had for her, but besides the gerber onesies (which run smaller than any other brand) she is actually drowning in her new born size stuff. While she does have a slightly large head, her little body is just so tiny. I'm supper excited because she's totally going to fit in her blessing gown, i don't know why everyone kept telling me she wouldn't fit in it? My mom said we wore it when were were between 3-4 months, so even if she's big it will still fit her. We held it up to her today and its so big on her. I know we'll have no problem. And after having her, I know that I never really understood the concept of true, unconditional love. I could stare at her all day and never get board. Today when morgen got home from church, i realized i was hungry and i haden't eaten since 10 am. I asked him to make me something to eat, and my mom asked why i didn't tell her i was hungry, she would have gotten something for me, and i told her a i didn;t know i was hungry, then i thought about it, and the only thing i thought about was Tabitha, the whole time morgen was gone. i didn't even realize i was hungry because i was so enammored with her.
We got some super cute videos of her last night and tonight, mostly of her making faces and cute sounds in her sleep, and one of her and my mom playing, which is super cute. But the most amazing video speaks for itself, I would just like to point out before i show it to you that she was 5 days old at the making of this video.
Serieoulsly amazing right? Most babies can't do that until their 3 months old. She hasn't done it again and it may have been a fluke, but still it was amazing and i'm so glad i was recording her at that moment.
Tomarrow Tabitha has a follow up appointment to have her weight chekced and meet with lactation consultant again. Then we are going to take some family pictures while we are out, pick up some more swaddlers in a thinner material for Tabitha and take morgen to work. Hopefully some of my friends who weren't there yesterday so they can see the awesomeness that is Tabitha.

PS to see Tabitha's first portrait from the hospital, go here you may need to enter a password its 3417001291

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Rory and Jess said...

wow! That was pretty amazing! She seems to like moving around!...but her cheekies are gone! She is so adorable! I can't wait to meet her!


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