Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The plague seems to have invaded my house again. I'm totally sick. Eva is sick. Morgen is sick. And Tabitha, well Tabitha is trying her best to convince me she isn't sick. She doesn't want to miss story time and preschool tomorrow. We shall see. But today, she spent the day crying over nothing, or curled up on my lap while we zoned infront of the tv.
I had a total crappy mom day where I let her watch wonder pets and eat dry cereal all day. I then made hotdogs for dinner. Just hotdogs. No buns. No vegetables. No salad. Yea. I'm awesome like that. Tabitha asked for more chex with her hotdog. Sure why not.
Then about an hour and a half before bedtime I lost it. Tabitha had hit me in the stomach with some grabbing toy and I had had enough. He had been trying to force me to play some game as I was trying desperately not to puke all over the living room. I told her to go to timeout. In the span of 5 minutes, Tabitha refused to go to timeout, lost all three of her stories, hit me again and got taken to her room. I got her ready for bed and she passed out. That is how I know she's sick. An hour before bed she was out cold with no fight. Although she woke up at 9:30 (my bad, I went to check on her an accidentally woke her) and she started asking to come to my bed( nope once you get your own bed there is no coming back to mine). We got her back to bed, but I think we will be containing the plague here in our own home tomorrow rather than preschool and story time.
But at least some of us are cute when we're sick. ( I mean Eva, because its definitely not me!)

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