Sunday, August 19, 2012

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders!

Bras! Thats right I'm talking about bras today, specifically my inability to find a nursing bra that is comfortable and actually fits. Have you ever gone to a bra store to be fitted? Have they told you that you should wear one size, but when you try it on, the bra doesn't even remotely fit? I have, I then found out that the size they told me was the biggest size in the store. Gee funny how that works out. I was falling out but they insisted that was my size. Ridiculous. And I'm not the only one! I was talking to some friends and they have had simillar experiences. As we were talking we started looking up bra fit charts online. I got a different size from every site. I got anywhere from 42 DD to 38 H! Also on one site it said that there is no industry standard over D! So one store I may be a 42 DD and another I may be a 38 H. Why is there no universal size chart for bras?

Universal Cup Sizing™* Cup sizes larger than a D are called different letters by different brands (a DDD cup size in one brand can be called an E or F in other brands). So know your Universal Cup Size and you can find your correct size in any brand at HerRoom. Learn how to find your Universal Cup Size™
This is from

Right under this is posted:

*Please Note: This bra measuring method becomes very unreliable at bra sizes 38D and larger.

*Important Note: this measuring system tends to become less accurate as the cup sizes go above a D. Additionally, some manufacturers name larger cup sizes differently. See "The Proper Bra Measuring Techniques for Plus-Size Women".

However their universal cup size only gives you the size for their 3 brands of bras. And none of them are nursing bras.

Here's what I want, I want it to be easy to find a nursing bra with underwire in a size that fits me. I would prefer to find a bra with underwire so I don't have a uniboob. The whole one long boob is not attractive, and I have been wearing nursing bras for over 3 years and have yet to find one that fit me well and was easy to find, also that didn't cost more than my car payment. 

I always see such pretty bras in stores, but of course for nursing moms its boring, uncomfortable and not pretty! Also Why the uniboob? Do bra makers think that nursing moms don't want to feel sexy? I guess I could switch to a regular bra and yank it down to have a pretty bra that doesn't give me uniboob, but why spend that much money on a bra that will get ruined by having to constantly pull it down. I'll admit, I'm pretty cheap. I'm also short on time, and would rather just get more of what I have when I need it than spend forever tying on a ton of bras. I know my current walmart bras are not the best, but I got tired of going to store after store trying to find a bra that actually fit me and being lied to by the people who work there about my size because they want to make a sale. The cheap walmart bra may not be a perfect fit, (its a 38DD, I could stand to go up a cup size, which they don't have) but at least I'm not falling out of it while the sales associate is standing there telling me that thats my size and it fits the way it is supposed to. Really? I'm supposed to have a uniboob, with side boob and muffins on top? Really? Thats "the look"? No thanks.

And just incase this post wasn't ridiculous enough, as soon as I thought about writing this post, this video came to mind. I love beaches and the Devine Miss M, and this song just gets me giggling. =) 

So have you ever found a good nursing bra for larger women? Whats your recommendation? Have you had sales people tell you you were one size just to make a sale? Tell me about it. I really want to hear from you!


Char W said...

Have you tried Leading Lady? I have seen some reviews/giveaways for them in the past.

debbielee93 said...

Playtex used to make a great bra with out underwire it was like the 18 hour no uniboob and great support for my 38g, 42ddd . Finding but the quit making them

Teresa Peschke said...

Char I haven't tried Leading Lady. I'll have to check them out

organicpatchwork said...

Have you tried Bravado? They make some really nice nursing bras. They are on the spendy side, but well worth it in terms of quality and comfort. I'm pretty sure there website has a sizing guide, but if you can find a store that sells them they should be able to measure you (accurately!)

Valerie Z said...

I 2nd Leading Lady. They have underwire and wirefree and I have a few of each. The 'Baby Sees It' bra is wirefree but has distinct cups so I have never felt the uniboob, like the sports type bras. I usually get them at JCPenney but I have seen them at Walmart from time to time and they are always a better price when I see them there.

phouse1964 said...

This is the reason I suck it up and go to Nordstrom's. I get a fitting every time I buy new bras. I wear anywhere from a 38H to a 40GG depending on the brand. The best part? The sales lady brings me 20 bras to try after measuring me in their "fitting" bra and we go from there. If I am going to spend upwards of $50, I want it to fit!

Katie said...

I have heard Nordstom will convert any bra to a nursing bra for $10. Maybe you can find a regular bra that fits well and take it to them...

Teresa Peschke said...

thats good to know about nordstroms. There isn't one around here in Idaho but maybe when we go visit family in CA I can go to the one near them.


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