Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kelly Kits Review and giveaway

Have you heard of Kelly Kits? Kelly Kits is a self contained art kit subscription that is delivered to your house once a month. Kelly Kits offers 4 different types of membership: (From Kelly Kits Facebook Page)

We recieved the print making set, and had a ton of fun doing it with Tabitha's friend Afton. Our kit came with everything we needed for two kids to do a fun art project. It came with a bag of tempura paint, a cup to mix it in, sponge paper (Tabitha thought that was the coolest thing watching the sponges grow in the water), little scissors, a pencil and paper. Tabitha is 3 and Afton is 2, so we used the kit to work on shapes. I drew a bunch of easy shapes, star, heart, circle, square, triangle, rectangle and cut them out for each of them. Then we put them in water and watched them grow. The girls loved that. Then we let the girls go to town making pictures. They had so much fun stamping away with their 
little sponges. 



The girls had so much fun doing their print making, and keep asking to do more crafts. These kits really are wonderful. For only $9.99 a month ($19.99 to Canada) you get everything you need in one easy package, you also get access to online extras like instructional videos. 

Morgen watched Tabitha while she was stamping for a bit and said we should sign up when he's done with school and we have more of a budget for this kind of stuff, I whole heartedly agree. These kits are great. Would you like to win one? How about a WHOLE YEAR of Kelly Kits? Thats right, one lucky Crafting in My Closet reader will get a year subscription to Kelly Kits, and everyone who enters will get a free kit (you pay shipping). How awesome is that? If that weren't enough, you will have two chances to win, because I will be giving away a year subscription to kelly kits to one lucky winner in the keeping kids creative giveaway in September! 

You can enter using this special link for 48 hours. Please note that this will take you to the Kelly Kits facebook page. I am not responsible for any information you use to fill out the giveaway on the KElly Kits facebook page. 

Discalimer: I received the above product free for the purpose of writing this review. All views are my own. I would never recommend a product that I would not personally use. 

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Mama Bucks said...

How fun are these. I sometimes run out of creative things for the kids to do. This would alleviate that.


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