Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun with Kids: Paint Chip Matching Game

Hey Crafting in my Closet readers! I'm Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional! I've known Teresa for a long time, so I am soo excited to be here on her blog today with a fun (and really really easy) craft to make for your kiddos to keep them entertained! This is especially great to throw in the car for when emergency bouts of boredom hit!

It's a simple color matching game using just paint chips and clothespins. (well and a glue gun too)


My oldest, Sadie, had a blast matching them up-and a few of them were harder than I thought they'd be for her. She loved when I mixed them all up and she had to sort them out. "Mom" she said, "Pink is not in the rainbow, but I still like it so it's ok". Why thanks, dear.

*paint chips-2 of each color. The wider ones give you more wiggle room.
*wooden clothespins
*hot glue gun
*paper cutter, scissors, and corner punch

I simply trimmed down the paint chips so that they were 2" wide...and then from the matching chip cut squares (1.5"x1.5").

I also rounded the edges with a corner punch since they were a bit pokey. I think I might laminate the main paint chip in the future also, just to give it some more durability.

Then glue the matching chip to a clothespin! I lined them up with the silver bit on the clothespin just so they'd be as even as possible. 

Tada! Repeat for all the colors your (or your little one's) heart desires!

Thanks for having me, Teresa! Have a great summer, everyone!



Alissa said...

Thanks for the easy tutorial!


Joanne said...

So cute!! I love this!!

MamaMunky said...

Such a good idea! I'm pinning this for later. :)


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