Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer blog challenge 7/9

Some of your biggest pet peeves.
Oh man oh man. This may sound horrible but my biggest pet peeve is rude children. I bust my butt to try to make sure my children have manners, yes there are times when Tabitha seems to forget, and so I do cut kids some slack, but persistent rudeness drives me up the wall.
Some of my other pet peeves, People who turn their children around in their car seats too soon. I've know a few people who turned their children around at 10-11 months because they were 20 lbs, and a few who's children were way under the 20 lb minimum but were 1 year and the parent thought they would stop whining if they turned them around. The AAP recommends children rear face for at least 2 years or until they reach the limit for their seat. I also see a lot of this around Rexburg, children who should be in a car seat (Ie less than 5 years old) in the front seat of the car. Not ok. Car seats and booster seats belong in the back seat. a 5 year old is not supposed to be sitting in the front seat.
And finally parents who knowingly expose other children to their sick kids because they don't want to keep their kids home. Rexburg has had a rash of Hand Foot and Mouth disease and it seems many parents don't know that their child can still transmit the disease for up to three weeks after the sores go away. I was actually at a store here in town and a mom left her two children (less than 5 ) in the toy isle to play while she went to look at the kids clothes (she could probably still see them from the end of the clothes section) but I looked and both kids obviously had HFM! She was allowing them to spread their germs all over the toys. That is way not ok. ANd last but not least, people who don't have children spouting off about how they know everything about children, or making rude comments about how you raise yours. If I see one more person who doesn't have kids say something about how gross/inappropriate/disgusting breastfeeding is I'll explode. I actually was nursing Eva in the car up at BYUI in the parking lot a few months ago with a blanket over us so no one could see anything. A guy threw a snow ball at my window then yelled at me about how disgusting what I was doing was and how I needed to leave or he would make me leave. I grabbed my phone to call Morgen and the turd ran away, but How is nursing my child under a blanket in my car disgusting or inappropriate?
Also I hate skinny jeans on guys, but I also hate saggy jeans with their boxers hanging out. I also hate leggings as pants. Unless your under 10 leggings are meant to go under clothes. All too often I see girls with "leggings" although if they are so thin they are somewhat see through I think they are tights, with long shirts that just barely or not at all cover their backside. LEave something to the imagination.
If I keep going I may be here all night so I will stop now. =)

Going Green with the Grizls

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