Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge day 5

the theme for day 5 of the Summer Blog Challenge is what are your short therm goals for the month and why? Well to start off my first goal is to write every day. Mostly because I was so bad at keeping up with my blog last summer and I want to get in the habit of writing every day.
My second goal is to make at least 10 items for my etsy store. I have been really bad about keeping it up to date and stocked.
My third goal for the month is to make a tutorial for the Grace Dress. I made this dress for Tabitha for Christmas and I never made a tutorial. I have pictures but they are of random things (Morgen wanted ot play paparazzi, I have a million closeups of pin heads) so I need to try to make another one and take pictures of that one using the pictures from the first as a guide so I can write that tutorial. The dress was really complicated so it will probably be a sew a long.

my fourth goal is to make at least 3 meatless meals a week. I did this last month and was really good about it. Next month I'm going to try for 4 meatless meals a week. Its really not good to eat meat all the time, so I'm trying really hard to make nutritious meals for my family. Also since I have so many dietary issues from allergies and Evangeline's reflux its hard to come up with something new every night.
My fifth goal for the month is to clean up my sewing area and get it all organized. I've been combing craigslist looking for free shelves so I can put everything in its own place. I think I could get more done if I had a cleaner work area.
My sixth and last goal for the month is to get all the back laundry done. I usually do 1 load of diapers in the morning (three cycles, 1 rinse, 1 wash, 1 rinse), then I do one load of laundry. But I've been so crazy busy lately and the weather has been so nice I didn't want to get stuck inside doing laundry all the time. This goal also includes folding and putting away all the already washed laundry that is living in baskets. I hate laundry.
Going Green with the Grizls


Anna said...

I'm with you, I hate laundry. You know, it's the putting away that I dislike. I'll sort and wash and hang to dry, but then they sit in the basket. Keep writing.

Kendall said...

I am SEVERELY behind on laundry right now, lol.

Shai Smith said...

I LOVE laundry...I hate putting it up. lol. I can't wait until you finish that sew-a-long/tutorial! I'm not even sure it'd come close to fitting my daughter, but it's too cute to not make one!

Erin said...

I admire your goal to clean your sewing area. I need to clean my craft area in a way I can't even explain...

Looking forward to reading more of your posts for the Summer Blog Challenge! :)

Kassie Groll said...

That dress is to die for!! I'd love to see a tutorial!!


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