Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Guest post: Greta from How was your day?

Hey guys, I have a special treat for you today, Greta from How Was Your Day is here to share a little tutorial on some cute earrings!

This is a guest post from Greta at How Was Your Day?  Who doesn't love earrings? 

A Simple Earring Tutorial

Earrings are one of those things that everyone loves to wear.  They’re  pretty and pretty easy to make.  Once you have the basics, down, you’re only limited  by your imagination.

You will need

A pair of focal beads.  These will be, as the name implies, the focus of your earrings. 
A pair of headpins
A pair of ear wires. 

A pair of round nose pliers. 
A pair of wire cutters.
How to make earrings
I used vintage Lucite beads, ball headpins, and a pair of rosary pliers.  Rosary pliers have a roundnose tip and a cutter built in.  I use these a lot in classes or when traveling.

To make:

How to make a great pair of earrings
Slide one of your focal bead on to a headpin.  Trim off the excess headpin, leaving about ½ an inch at the top of the bead. 

Using the round nose pliers, form a loop.  You want to bend the headpin at a 90 degree angle to the bead, then form a loop going the opposite direction to how you bent the wire.  Make sure this loop is closed tightly.

DIY make a great pair of vintage earrings
Repeat with the other bead and headpin.  Set aside.
How to make a fun pair of earringsDIY a pair of earrings
Take one of your ear wires.  Open the loop at the bottom of the ear wire just a little bit with the pliers.  It needs to be open enough for you to add one of your bead units.  Close the loop back up.  Sometimes, you may need to squeeze it just a bit to get to to close back up.  Repeat.


Total time: Less than 5 minutes
Total cost: Depends on the materials.  This pair would be about $2.50 buying the components individually.

Greta is a 20 something West Coast native.  She blogs about life, food, style, beauty, DIY, and fashion at How Was Your Day?  She lives for hockey, cannot resist anything that has peanut butter and chocolate combined, and loves puppies.  Check out her blog for fun reviews and great giveaways, as well.

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