Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Summer BlogChallenge day 6

Today's theme is nicknames you have and why you have them. The only nicknames I have are Tessa which is what my husband calls me. Not really any reason for it. reese's pieces, my family called me that and variations of it when I was growing up, not really sure why, guess its just because it goes with my name.
When I was growing up my sisters used to call me TB. They were mean. It means tiny bladder. They made jokes about me always having to go to the bathroom. When I got older I learned I have IBS which would account for my always having to go to the bathroom. It sucked and the constant teasing made me miserable. As I have gotten older I know that teasing is a part of life. Their being mean didn't mean they didn't and don't love me. They do, they were just being big sisters. I'm sure Tabitha will tease Evangeline, and both of them will gang up and tease the next kid we have. Its a circle, but I hope I can teach my girls to show each other they love each other more than they tease each other.
My sisters and I  a few years ago at a wedding.
My girls a few weeks ago. Tabitha likes to call Eva Punk Rock Princess because of her faux hauk. 

Going Green with the Grizls

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