Friday, May 25, 2012

My plans went...

CLUNK! That my dear friends is the sound my sewing machine made before it started beeping like crazy and the screen said "Stop for SAFTEY purposes". Why oh Why does my sewing machine have it out for me? The same thing is happening as has happened oh probably about 10 times in the 5 years I've owned my sewing machine. This same problem always seems to pop up at the worst times. The first time, was 3 weeks before christmas, I got my machine back 2 days before christmas and had to sew like crazy for 36 hours with only hot chocolate to help me through. Then again when I was making some dresses for My sister's baby shower. My machine clunk, clunk, clunked to a halt in the middle of a zipper. The last time it did this was when I was a contestant on One Month to Win It. I had luckily mostly finished my project for the week and was able to hand sew the rest and get my machine fixed soon after (although I got eliminated that week, but oh well). This time, I have a list a mile long and my sewing time is when Tabitha is at pre-school and after the girls go to bed. A few nights ago I was working on a new dress that I plan to make a tutorial for, and I'm sending it as a prize for an upcoming giveaway (i'll let you all know when the giveaway is), I also have my own giveaway going on for a custom dress and two soft racer packs and as I was sewing the dress, clunk, Clunk, CLUNK, BEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!
And I went "NO!" I may have been a little loud and accidentally woken up Eva with that NO!, but she was a trooper and went right back to sleep. So tomorrow bright and early I will be waiting at Porters with my sewing machine praying that that awesome man can fix my sewing machine.
In the meantime, I've been going through the pictures for the Grace tutorial which I never actually got around to writing, yea, Morgen is not going to be my paparazzi anymore. I love him but he took so many pictures of random stuff from strange angles that I'm having a hard time following it and I made the dress up! I'm going to go through the pictures and try to write it out then make a new Grace Dress with a very detailed tutorial. This dress is not simple and took me over a week to complete, so I'm thinking I'm going to make it a Sew-A-Long. So look for that in June. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And So that I don't leave everyone with the sad tummy ache feeling I've had over my sewing withdrawals, I'll leave you with some Eva cuteness, because looking at her adorable face makes everything better.


Danielle Simmons said...

I'm so sorry :( I think that'd be the worst feeling!

momwithadotcom said...

Sorry about your sewing machine :( Your daughter sure is a cutie though!


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