Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real Diaper week

        This week is real diaper week, and this Saturday Evangeline and I will be participating in the great cloth diaper change. I'm very excited and to go along with this week the Cloth Diapering bloggers are writing posts talking about the amazing benefits of cloth diapering.
      With Tabitha we used disposables. I had really wanted to cloth diaper, but our living situation was just not conductive to cloth diapering. With Evangeline, I was determined. To get morgen on board, I showed him all the receipts from Tabitha's diapers over the 2 1/2 years she was in disposables (I bought my diapers on amazon, so i saved all my receipts on the computer). I showed him that we had spent close to $3000 over 2 1/2 years on diapers alone. Not including wipes. We had already been using re-useable swim diapers, and since i breastfeed my girls exclusively the diaper can go straight into the wash, no dunking or anything. I also showed him we could get flushable liners to use when she gets older and starts eating solids. When morgen realized we could spend between $300-500 compared to $3000, he was sold. The part that really sold me though, was the fact that my great great grandchildren will be alive before Tabitha's disposable diapers degrade in the landfills.
     Another selling point for me, less smell. We used a diaper champ with Tabitha and took it out every few days, but even then the thing always smelled. Now we use planet wise wet bags and I wash diapers every day. I do one load of diapers a day. Its really not that much extra work and once you get into the routine, it doesn't even seem like extra work.
    Another great thing about cloth diapers? No diaper rash. Tabitha always had terrible diaper rash. We were always slathering her up to try to clear it. Before Tabitha was potty trained we switched her to cloth too. She wore pre-folds with covers and her diaper rash improved tremendously. Eva has never had a rash.
     I LOVE our cloth diapers. We use one size diapers, which means they have snap down rise and fit from 10 to about 35 lbs. Not only will Eva be able to wear these diapers the whole time she is in diapers, our next baby will be able to also.
    In May I will be taking part in the Mothers day cloth giveaway hop hosted by Daily mothering. I have some great prizes lined up for my awesome readers, and Daily Mothering has an amazing grand Prize giveaway that will run during the same time. I'll be starting my sponsor spotlights later this week so you can see what awesome products i'll be giving away. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions about cloth diapering don't be afraid to ask!
Eva in her Bum Genius Freetime in Sassy. One of my Favorite diapers. 

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