Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Diaper week continues!

Tomorrow is the Great Cloth Diaper Change event and I'm so excited! Today's real Cloth Diaper week challenge was re-use.

We already are pretty good when it comes to re-using, we want to get as much out of something before throwing it away as possible. We use reusable water bottles, cloth sacks instead of plastic bags (for the most part, we still use plastic for raw meat, but then we re-use the bags as trash bags in the bathrooms). We use cloth swim diapers and have since Tabitha started swim lessons right after her first birthday, we use re-useable snack containers  and I'm pretty good at using reusable everything when it comes to diapering but we had planed on Tabitha still wearing diapers at night. But little mis had other ideas. She wants her potty in her room and wants to be able to go when she needs to. But she's still not waking up dry every morning, she is most mornings but its not enough yet for me to put her in panties at night. We've been using pull ups at night but after looking at the cost and realizing it could take up to a year before she's fully night time potty trained we decided to buy a pack of flip trainers. They come with 5 inserts and as long as she doesn't get the shell dirty she can wear it more than once, plus I already do a load of diapers every day so its not like it's any more laundry.

Another area morgen and I have been talking about is paper towels and napkins. We use them all the time and really making reusable paper towels would be so easy. Double sided flannel in the size of paper towels with snaps on both sides so they can wrap around the paper towel holder. Easy peasy. So I'm making the pledge to stop using paper towels and paper napkins while at home. I plan to make a tutorial on how to make cloth "Paper" towels and I'll post it here in the coming weeks.
 In the mean time here are some links I think may be helpful in switching to cloth full time.

Traveling with Cloth Diapers

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Top 10 (Money and Earth saving) Reuse tips

I hope many of you are planning on attending the Great Cloth Diaper change event near you tomorrow! Let me know if you went and i'd love to see pictures posted to my facebook page!

Check here for a location near you.

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