Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh I may be crazy

But I'm going cloth! With Tabitha I wanted to do cloth diapers but it really wasn't feasible. We weren't in our own place and using the washer everyday was not an option, heck I was lucky if I got to do laundry once a week, not really conductive to doing cloth. So we did disposables and threw away a lot of money. So now I've decided I'm gonna give cloth a try. I found a site called cottenbabies that sells preloved diapers for $7 each which seems reasonable to me. I'm also looking at consignment stores and on ebay and craigslist, but I found a bunch of websites on how to make your own diapers. Now let me tell you, I'm super intimidated! But I was horrible at sewing before I had Tabitha, I just had to keep working at it. Now I make most of Tabitha's dresses and skirts, some of her shirts and even a few pairs of pants. I've also made her bibs and started making burp cloths for Evangeline. I figure if I can make burp cloths I can make pre-folds right? I also found patterns for soakers that look pretty easy and tons of patterns and tutorials on how to make pocket diapers and a few on how to make all in ones. I figure I'll make a few of each and buy a few and try them on Tabitha first to see how it works. She's not ready for potty training but i'm tired of buying diapers too, so why not switch her to cloth as well, i'll always be able to use them for Evangeline right?
So here are some of the sites i'm using to help me on my way: 
see kate sew did a tutorial on making inserts for gdiapers that look pretty easy, also she said they were less than $1 per insert, thats my kind of insert right there! 

Tidy Tangle did a post on making cloth diapers out of old t-shirts! Hello! I'm all about reusing! This looks awesome. Plus she links to a site with a pattern and instruction booklet! 
sew your own diapers has a ton of tutorials on how to sew multiple kinds of diapers, and it looks like it will be a lot of help as well.  
this is one of the AIO diapers that you can make. Looks amazing! I'm sure mine won't be as good but I can try!
Sweet and Sassy girls did a post on making your own flip style covers which would work well with the gdiaper cloth inserts from tity tangle as well! 
Goodness gracious free diaper patterns has you guessed it free diaper patterns! haha! 
Tutu Mafia has a post with a pdf pattern on making your own diapers that I need to try! 
How cute is that little diaper!
I also found this youtube video on Pintrest, 

Holycraft has a great post on cloth diapers and wipes and tells you how to make your own flannel wipes and the solution to use with them. Easy peasy lemon squeezey! 
I found a recipe for cloth diaper laundry soap on Aiko Art, which is awesome, because i've been thinking of making my own laundry soap when we run out of the all free and clear we have. 

SO obviously there is a lot I need to learn before I embark on this journey and I'm sure i'll have a lot more downs than I have ups, but I'm really gonna try to do this!  Wish me luck, and if any of you have done this please, leave me links, encouragement, book recommendations and the like! 

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