Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

So the other day it totally looked like fall and I was so excited, then it started snowing. Eh, thats what you get in Idaho. I'm super excited about my new wreath I finished last night. Sorry no pics of how I made it because it was so super easy. All you need is a foam wreath form, brown flannel, tulle in maroon, yellow, green, gold and brown, orange ribbon (I used 2 yards), and some red felt.
step 1. Cut the flannel into strips and glue it to your foam wreath, I wraped a little then glued where ever it puckered and at the ends of the strips. Over lap the strips just a little.
Step 2. cut the tulle into strips. Make them as long or as short as you like but make sure they are long enough to go around the wreath while folded in half.
Step 3. Alternating the strips of tulle wrap the wreath with the tulle like you would if you were doing a no sew tutu. Fold the tulle in half lay the wreath on top of the tulle. pull the ends through the loop of the folded tulle and pull it tight. You can do this for as big or small as you want the tail feathers to be. Throw in some orange ribbon every little while. Take the ribbon and tie a knot as tight to the wreath as possible.
Step 4 Make the head by taking the flannel and filling it with scraps. Then pull the edges in and glue to itself.
Step 5 cut out the red and glue to the back of the head.
Step 6 glue the head to the wreath
Step 7 glue a google eye to the face.
Step 8 wrap orange ribbon around the bottom of the wreath and tie a tight knot for the legs of the turkey.
And your done!

I linked this up to Craft-O-Maniac, and I Heart nap time sundae scoop!

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Alexis Kaye said...

that's so cute! and if that is your baby wearing the tutus to the right....holw crap. put that girl in modeling!


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