Friday, July 08, 2011


So We're back from Tahoe. And we had the BEST TIME EVER! Seriously, I love Tahoe! I miss it so Much! We got to Tahoe on Saturday morning, and left Wedesnday afternoon. We spent most of Saturday resting, we drove from rexburg on Friday and stopped in Battle mountain. On Sunday we went swimming in the pool and had Vivian's birthday party. Tabitha absoluetly loved spening time with her Vivian and her Nana!

Tabitha and Vivian had a blast on Vivian's shark. 

Morgen, Tabitha, Vivian, Sara

Tabitha watching Vivian open her presents

Oh! a Dinosaur book!

Tabitha's more interested in the net.

Morgen Killing the pinata. 

Took off an arm!

He really killed it!

Tabitha liked my cupcakes (or the frosting on the cupcakes)

We spent a lot of time just hanging out which is the best part of vactation. 
Tabitha loved hanging out at the beach and making sand castles with Avo. 

Tabitha ate her lunch in our little sun tent. 

Tabitha and Vivian were playing on the beach before the fireworks on Sunday night. 

Morgen and Tabitha were playing on the swings at the beach. 

The girls playing on the beach before the fireworks.

Tabitha and vivian playing with the sand toys on Monday night after dinner. 

Tabitha liked the plane!
Tabitha and Nana swimming on Wednesday. 

Tabitha loved swimming with nana. 

She Loves her Nana

Me and Vivian

Me, Tabitha and Nana swimming in the pool on Wednesday. 

Swim to Mommy!

Swim to Nana! 

We had such a great time in Tahoe and we wish we could have stayed longer with our family. 
I also wanted to thank everyone who supported me in One Month To Win it. I was eliminated this week, but I'm ok with it because my project was a present for my niece Vivian's 4th birthday and she loved it!

Vivian loved her Unicorn costume

A purple jacket lined with silver and a silver horn, the button closure is a rhinestone button, and the mane and Tail are pink yarn. 

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