Monday, June 20, 2011


O SO I know I said I was going to do a post about Morgen's Fathers day present on Saturday, and I didn't do it. I actually did the craft and morgen took the pictures, but I was so sick saturday night that I didn't post.
Ok so now for the reason i've been kind of a flake lately.....

Well.... We're having another baby! yay! we are super excited, but i've been super sick lately so my posting might be a little erratic at best, and we are going out of town for the first week of July.

So For Fathers day I made Morgen a DIY Edible Arrangements bouquet. I make him one every year for Valentines, Fathers Day and his Birthday. I'll be posting instructions and what you need for it this week.

This week I have to get Tabitha's 4th of July outfit done and then I need to get my niece's Birthday present done.

I have some other awesome things in the pipeline and a really cool announcement in a few days!

Hope you all had a great Fathers day and are having a great week!

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Evelene S said...

Congratulations on being in the family way! Hope the sickness goes away soon!


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