Friday, May 20, 2011

Update to the Wonderland Sew Along

POST EDIT: 5/21/11 8:18 pm
I got my Sewing Machine fixed this morning, so We are on schedule to start the Wonderland Dress Monday Morning! When I made the dress originally I did a lot of editing which is why I didn't take pictures the first time, but a girl can never have too many Wonderland Dresses! =) So I'll see you all Monday!!

Hey all, I'm still hoping to be able to have the sew a long this next week starting monday with making the pattern. However last night my Sewing machine went all Exorcist on me and I have to take it to Porters tomorrow morning to have it looked at. Hopefully they can fix it for not too much money and very little time. It is hopefully something easy, but my machine's manual won't tell you how to adjust the timing (which I think is the problem since I've tried everything else) so I have to take her to a professional. So everyone say a little prayer for my poor little machine that she gets better soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hope your machine is fixed soon. I can't wait to start on one of these dresses for my daughter :-)


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