Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciling Tutorial

Hey All! So I know there are a ton of tutorials out there for everything under the sun, and that no one really creates something from scratch, we're all just reinventing the wheel. So here is my method of doing freezer paper stenciling. Hope it helps!

Shirt to be stenciled
Freezer paper
fabric paint (i used puffy paint)
Paint brushes.

I found a picture I really liked online and printed it out. Then I went over the lines in a darker color to make them easier to see. I taped the picture to my cutting mat, and then taped a piece of Freezer paper over it. I then traced the design I wanted on the Freezer paper. (Just FYI the design I chose was a little too complicated and I ended up leaving a lot of it out.)
Once I had the picture traced onto the freezer paper, I removed the picture from under the freezer paper and taped the freezer paper back down. 

Then I began to carefully cut out the picture using an exacto knife. 
Once I had all the pictures cut out I cut them out individually of each other as seen in the picture below. 

Next I laid out the pictures where I wanted them 

Then with my iron on the cotton setting I ironed the freezer paper down. 

After Ironing your shirt should look like this.

I then used fabric paint and a brush to fill in the stencils. 

I free handed the design in the butterfly

Wait at least 3 hours (I did this at night and waited till the next day to do this next step) Then Carefully remove the freezer paper, it will stick so this may take a while, especially if you have a very detailed stencil.

After you have all your freezer paper off, iron the stencils, and your done. Follow your paint instructions for washing. 

Hope this helps, I really enjoy doing it, it adds a little something to whatever your doing.

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