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Pretty in Pink Lace Dress

So for Easter this year I made Tabitha two dresses. Why? Because well for one, the first outfit I made for her just doesn't shout spring to me. Its just a little to dark. But I still love it. The second reason is that for Easter we are going to SLC for Morgen's Brother Tyson's graduation from BYU and his brother Trent's Endowments. We'll be there from Thursday thru Sunday. We are driving home on Sunday so instead, Tabitha will be wearing the first outfit I made, which I have yet to post pictures of, (I'll have to take care of that later) for Tyson's graduation on Thursday. On Saturday at the Temple she will be wearing the new dress I made for her which I have here. Introducing the Pretty in Pink Lace Dress.

Tabitha actually really loves it which is a rarity around here. Its usually a fight to get her into anything I make these days. But such is life with a two year old!

Want to see more?
 I think part of the reason she likes it so much is that I made it with some pink lace that has been in my stash forever. Whenever I go to Jo-ann fabrics, I let her pick something from the remnant bin. That way she has something to play with while I'm shopping and she usually gets something pretty out of it. I've been holding onto this lace for about six months. Tabitha fell in love with it but I haven't known what to do with it. PArt of the Reason I like it so much? It cost less than $10 to make! the Lace from the remnant bin was $4.50 and the muslin was free (given to me by a friend who had a ton!)
She loves the twirly skirt, and the see through sleeves, which happen to be my favorite part too. 
Do you want to make one too? 
Well your in luck. 
Lately I've been working on new shirts for Tabitha. I made a pattern for the top by editing this pattern from the project runway line of Simplicity. To make the skirt for the dress I used the circle skirt pattern from  Made. 
For the shirt pattern I used the bodice front and back and the yoke front and back. I traced them on paper and then taped them together. I also cut some off of the bottom to make it the length I wanted. The first time I used this pattern the arm holes were way to big. In the picture below where I cut it out, you can see where I cut it, there is a little nub that works as the perfect place to cut the armhole short. 
So here is what you'll need.

Edited Shirt pattern from above.
Circle skirt pattern from Made (only add one extra inch instead of two.)
1 yard of lining fabric (I used white muslin)
1 yard of lace
Sewing machine
pins, scissors, other sewing necessities.

Step 1. Fold your fabrics in half and then in half again. Making a 90 degree angle. 
Step 2. Place the fabrics, one on top of the other. Making sure to line them up evenly.
Step 3. Place the pattern for the circle skirt on the fabric make sure the rounded cut out for the top of the pattern in the corner where all sides meet. 
Step 4. Pin and cut out your pattern
Note: I cut the bottom a little long just incase

Note: This is what your skirt will look like before cutting the top out.

Step 5. cut top off. Cut as close to the pattern as you can, you don't want this to small, you can always take in but it's a little hard to add more space once its cut. 

Now for the bodice
Step 6. Lay out the lining and the lace folded sides together. Lay out your pattern, pin and cut. Cut out just the yoke again out of the lining. 

another view before cut out

As you can see the arm is cut at the nub in the patten rather than the arm hole. My daughter is small so I have to edit a lot of patterns, I would suggest making a muslin top to try on your child first. 

There is a nub in both the front and the back. This made it easy for me to figure out where to cut the arms. 

Step 7. Place the lace ontop of the muslin lining them up.
Step 8. Pin the two layers together

Step 9. Sew the entire bodice, Keeping the two layers together. Sew as close to the edges as you can. 

  Step 10. Lay out the back pieces
Step 11. Pin the layers together like the front
Step 12. Sew all the way around the back pieces staying as close to the edge as you can 
Step 13. Lay the bottom fabric down and slide the lace ontop making sure you line the two pieces up. 
Step 14. Pin around the top circle. 

Step 15. Sew along the top circle.

Now the lining
Step 16. Sew the front and the back lining together

Step 17. Pin the lining to the dress front sides together. 
Step 18. Sew the two pieces together and fold over.
Step 19. Iron the two pieces together, be very careful not to melt the lace!

Step 20. I free handed sleeves and cut them out. 

Step 21. Sew around the arm holes

Step 22. Fold the sleeves in half. Pin the folded half to the top of the arm holes.

Step 23. Pin the sleeve to the arm hole. 
Step 24. Sew the sleeve to the bodice.

Step 25. fold back the seam and sew it to the bodice. 

Step 26. Sew the invisible zipper to the bodice. I use this tutorial, It's easy to follow and simple. 

Step 27. Sew up the back of the top to right above the end of the zipper. 

Step 28. Sew down the seam.

Step 29. turn the skirt inside out and place the skirt and top fronts together and pin them together. 

Step 30. Sew the skirt to the top.
Step 31. Iron the hem down of the lining. 

Step 32. Sew down the hem.
Note: The lace I used doesn't rip or fray easy. I didn't hem it because I think that it would make the skirt heavy. 

Thats it! I know this Tutorial was long and a little picture heavy. Thanks for bearing with me!
Now for some Cuteness of Tabitha in her dress!

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IPOHC said...

Wow this is so beautiful! I am sure your little one is in her glory! you did a fantastic job! Found you over at Tip Junkie and I'm your newest follower. :o)


CreativeMama said...

Nice tutorial! Cute dress.

I am your newest follower. Will be glad if you drop by @ Adithis Amma Sews - blog about Sewing and Pattern Making with loads of tutorials already on board. Would be elated if you like my blog and become a follower.

Emily said...

Tabitha is such a cutie! I love how you used the lace she picked out in the dress! The little sleeves you drew turned out really cute! Thanks for the tip to not have to hem the lace. :)

radn said...

She looks like an angel in that dress!

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