Sunday, April 17, 2011

"I'm so glad that puffed sleeves are still fashionable."

Every time I think of puffed sleeves I think of the Dress Matthew gave to Anne in Anne of Green Gables. I just love that part. Well I was making Tabitha a little dress, but I made it a little to big. I was able to take in the back when putting in the zipper, which was nice, but the sleeves were huge. Way to big and long to be short sleeves, but too short to be long sleeves. So what were my choices? I could take the sleeves off and try again, or I cold make some super cute puffed sleeves, way easy and way cute!

So here we go!

sleeves that are about twice the width of the child's arms.
1/2 inch elastic
Sewing machine
Step 1. Measure your child's arm, (I did this by using wrapping my fingers around her arm.)
Step 2. Cut elastic to length needed and add 1/2 inch.
Step 3. Pin elastic to the seam on one side. 
Step 4. pull elastic around to other side and pin on seam .

Step 5. Pull elastic tight and pin the elastic to the sleeve in the middle.
Step 6. Pull elastic tight and sew along the elastic. I used a triple stitch, and went around twice. 
Step 7. Pull out all your pins, and there you go. 
Yay for puffed sleeves. And there you have it, an easy way to make too big sleeves cute and add a little cuteness to your dress!

Hope you enjoy!

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Kindra said...

Very cute, wish my 8.5yr old would wear stuff like this again :(


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