Monday, February 07, 2011

Tabitha's 1940's party outfit.

I’ve been reading a blog lately called Project Run and Play. Its an awesome blog where blogers were chosen to compeate in a project Runway type compition for children’s clothing. Each week they are given a theme and they make an outfit, then readers and a panel of celebrety judges choose a winner. I found out about it because a friend of mine Jessica of Craftiness is not optional and a designer I like Ashley from Little Blu Boo were both asked to be contestents. Unfortunately Jessica was cut, but I’m still routing for Little Blu Boo! This weeks challenge was retro and vintage inspired designs. One of the things I like so much about this blog is that they encourage readers to submit their own designs. I’ve been interested in doing one but I’ve been so busy with the move that I really didnt have any time. This time I was super encouraged to do this challencge. When I think of vintage I automaticly think of the 1940s. And when I think of little girls int he 1940s I think of Molly Macintire from the American Girls Collection. When I was younger I had all the books and one year My mom bought me a Molly doll for Christmas. I still have her and her accessories in storage for Tabitha when she’s old enough (to not ruin her) to play with her. So I took a look at the American Girl website at the Molly clothes. I found this super cute dress. Its the Molly Party outfit. I love how cute it is! 
I love the little placket and the lace around the collar. Collars have always been hard for me but I managed to not screw it up totally! haha. 

For Tabitha’s 1940’s party outfit I used some super cute turqoise fabric with a cute grey design that I got at Michael Levine in LA the last time I visited my sister. I used some plain grey fabric for the placket and the ties. It turned out well, if not a little big. I also chaged the skirt a little, I made the back elasticised instead of using a zipper and I used snaps on the back of the shirt rather than velcro. unfortunately the neck is a little big and the shirt is a little long. I’m thinking i’m going to take it up a little. I also think I want to shorten the skirt a little too. But Instead of talking it to death I’ll show you =)

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Emily said...

Adorable! I love the ruffled placket.


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