Friday, February 18, 2011

30 before i'm 30

Ok so i'm turning 30 this year, (i'll wait while you scream). Its ok, i've accepted it. I'm good really... So to keep my mind off the fact that i'm leaving my 20's (and surrounded by people way younger than myself, since rexburg is a pretty young kind of place) i've made a list of 30 things i want to do before I turn 30 on June 30th!
1. Sew something from my own pattern and enter it in a contest.  (Entered into the little blue boo/dharma trading contest. Didn't even place but at least I tried.)
2. Write a toutorial for one of my patterns.
3. Get family pictures taken. (the last ones were from when Tabitha was 8 months old)
4. Sew Tabitha's quilt, sheets, pillows and curtains.
5. buy an actual kitchen table (we've always had card tables in our kitchen)
6. Take a Pattern making class
7. Sew something for myself
8. Get Tabitha's room set up (we moved in last month, but her room is still mostly boxes)
9. Get Tabitha to sleep in her "big girl bed"
10. Go on a date with morgen, and get a sitter for Tabitha
11. Actually finish the last season of Lost (Thank you NETFLIX!)
12. Build a piece of furniture for our house
13. Make Tabitha dress up clothes
14. Get a Massage
15. Take a Cake decorating class
16. Sew most of Tabitha's summer clothes (so I don't have to buy them!)
17. Use up most of my fabric stash before the end of the year.
18. Go to Bear world (Its in Idaho Falls and I'm so intrigued!)
19. Make and can my own Jam
20. Index 1000 names on Family Search.
21. Get rid off all the boxes from our move
22. Get a make over
23. Put enough money away to buy myself a silhouette for my birthday.
24. Learn to use all the feet that came with my sewing machine.
25. Put all of our pictures up in the house.
26. Order the touch up paint for my car and fix the scratches on the bumper.
27. make seat covers for the car and Tabitha's car seat.
28. Figure out what i'm making for christmas presents and have them all started by my birthday (so I have 6 months to get them done)
29.Take a photography class.
30. Potty Train Tabitha!

So there you have it, I have about 4 months to get this all done if I want to do it before I turn 30. So we'll see how it goes!

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