Thursday, December 02, 2010

What I've been doing, while I was not on here!

SO I know I've been super lazy busy and haven't posted anything in a month! Wow! Ok so this is what I've been up too.
Babycakes is teething (4 coming in at once), She's also started the terrible 2's a little early, all day long its "NO, MINE!" Well let me tell you I could do without that sentence in my life!
My Wonderful DH got a JOB! YAYAYA! So excited about that one since Christmas was looking very lean around here!
We're Moving! Finally! Thats right, the plan right now is to move our stuff to AZ sometime the week after christmas, then for DH to go to ID and start school, then BabyCake and I will join him a week later with all our stuff! Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!
I decided to close my ETSY shop until after the move, It was just too much work to try to keep it going when really it wasn't going anywhere. Plus with no time to sew It was looking a little sad!
Trying to get as many Christmas Presents done as I can before the middle of the month, I need to send them to AZ and Pack up all my craft stuff!
I've also been getting ready to sell some stuff at a craft fair my mom's group is putting together, I have a ton of half finished items that need to be finished by sunday!
Looking for housing in ID, thats kind of a pain when I'm in CA!
DISNEYLAND! YEAY! We took Tabitha to Disneyland for the first time. The first day not so fun, rained all day and so she had to stay in her stroller and it was crowded. But the second day was wonderful, sunny, warm, and no crowds!
We've decided we are going back for her 2nd birthday! We've lived in CA our whole lives and never owned Disneyland passes, we're moving to ID and buying disneyland passes! haha!

Well I actually have some fun stuff planned for the blog this month in between all the packing and time outs! =)
Hope you all are having a wonderful December so far!

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