Sunday, February 07, 2010

project 365 day 35

So for a while before Garrick moved out, I had to have my sewing desk in our room. Which pretty much sucked. This room has a lot of furniture that is really big, plus we aren't allowed to use the closet because it has spare computer parts in it. So needless to say its a little cramped especially with 3 people and all our clothes and other things. So once Garrick moved out I got to move my sewing desk to the game room and it freed up some space in our room. Well from time to time I find things in our room that should have gone in the sewing area. Like this fabric Tabitha has wrapped around her. When she found it, it had pins holding down the sides, I had planned on turning in the edges and sewing them to use for a ruffled onesie, but I never got to it. So very quickly i found myself pulling pins out as she was trying to tear it out of my hands. I got almost all of them before she pulled it away from me, and the one i didn't get i got before she could. She then proceed to wrap the fabric around her like a scarf or a shawl, and make cute faces at me. She's such a ham!

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