Sunday, February 07, 2010

Project 365 day 34

Tabitha's day:
We went to Jamba Juice to see Lynn and Karen and enjoy some $1 oatmeal, it was fun and yummy. not normally an oatmeal fan but it was Good!
Tabitha fell asleep in the car and i really didn't want to wake her, so i decided to drive to gilroy because there was a furniture store going out of buisness that I wanted to check out, we still need a chnaging tablem although at this point i think a dresser with a changing pad might be more practical. well, when they said going out of buisness they meant it, it was gone. So I figgured, I was in gilroy might as well go to some stores in Gilroy. I drove to the Target/ Ross, BB&B shopping center and by then Tabitha had woken up. We went to BB&B and didn't really find anything. I got some wonderful sheets there once and I was looking for some more, but they didn't have the same ones and the comparable ones were too expensive. Then we went to Ross, and got some awesome deals! I got a pack of matalic 12 x 12 paper that I'm going to use for decorations for her birthday party for only $3! originally $20! Wowza! Then I got a cupcake book and a craft book each $4.99 orriginally $15.99 and $9.99 respectively. But the big steal of the day was a pair of maryjane robeez for $9.99! They have them online for $32! they are super cute too! they are a light green with pick roses on them. I was excited because I like to have one size up in shoes for her incase she grows out of her shoes on a sunday, so I found these in a size 4, she's kind of in between 2 and 3 right now so it will be a while before she needs them but its nice to have them before I need them. After Ross we went to Target, and I got some little mini cookbooks in the $1 section and a copy of Bride Wars for $5! I love that movie! and for $5 can't go wrong! I got tabitha a sandwich at the little target cafe, usually they are pretty good, but for some reason she kept spitting out the turkey, she liked the bread but she didn't want anything to do with the turkey or the cheese, i took a bite of it when we got in the car and understood, it was so salty and the cheese was just gross. I felt bad that she had been cooped up in a cart or the car all day so since we were in Gilroy we went to the only park I knew where it was.

El roblos Park. I'd never been there, but i'd driven past it and our friends Rory, Jess and Sadie live right behind the park.

She really did have fun on the swings. She was actually intently watching a little girl and her uncle play on the play structure next to us.
I just love her little smile! its so cute and so unique!

thats my sweet little girl having a blast on the swings!

And finally, I really had to refrain from buying this. It sings the ABCs and 123s. It looks like the Bloodhoud Gang had a baby!

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