Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 day 23

So Saturday was not a good day for us. Somehow morgen forgot to submit his SJSU application, even though it was finished, and now he has yet again missed the deadline to apply. So he spent Saturday scrambling to find a way to go to school in the fall since he has taken way to many units at the JC and really can't take anything else. He has to do a petition to BYUI and He's waiting to hear back from BYU, he is also looking at spring for UC Santa Cruz, and if SJSU offers any spring admittance, which isn't likely since they didn't this year due to budget cuts, he'll apply there. So needless to say there was some major stress around the house that day. Late in the afternoon, I took Morgen over to get his hair cut. I was tired of him looking like a chick, and they did a good job. I forgot to take any pictures on Saturday, which is weird because I take pictures everyday. But While I was uploading the pictures I took friday and today, I found some super cute pictures of Tabitha from June. I haden't gotten them off my camera since my battery was dead and I couldn't find the cord, so I'll share with you some cute old school Tabitha. =)

My child has awesome bedhead (more of that for tomorrows post!)

She still makes that super cute face when she sleeps!

Watch out she'll take your nose off!

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