Sunday, January 24, 2010

project 365 day 22

I had to take moregn to work on friday and Tabitha was still asleep. Morgen's mom said she would watch her and when i got home Tabitha had woken up and dawn was making her some oatmeal. but tabitha has only had baby oatmeal, and she did not like it, dawn tried to mix it with prunes which tabitha loves but she was not having it.
This was Tabitha looking at me like what have i done to deserve this? Needless to say dawn was eating some oatmeal for breakfast that morning. Its not all that surprising, Tabitha's tastes have seemed to mirror Morgen and mine. I was eating some spicy pretzle thins and she kept trying to take it, so i figured I would let her taste it, and she would end up not liking it because its spicy, well no, she licked it, then licked it again, then shoved it in her mouth and grabbed for another one. As for the oatmeal, neather morgen nor I like oatmeal unless its in a cookie! =) (which by the way she likes too, Morgen was eating an oatmeal raisin cookie, and she threw a little fit till he gave her some, she loved it.)

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