Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've been doing...

Hey guys! Sorry its been so long since I've posted. We have had a lot going on. We've been working with Tabitha to try to get her outbursts under control and are trying some aromatherapy with her that seems to help a lot. We've also been experimenting with her diet and have found some foods make her act out more than others.
This is what else we've been up to:
The girls and I have been spending a lot of time together. I've been trying to get us outside as much as possible whenever its not raining. 

Morgen GRADUATED from BYUI (well not technically, he still has to finish his senior project and do his internship, so he technically graduates in July but he walked this month so we wouldn't have to come back)

More playing outside. The girls each got some money from their grandpa Bob so they got new baby strollers, and they love them. 

I've actually managed to get some sewing done but no tutorials. I did come up with a fun new dress that I may do a tutorial for soon, however thats it in the left corner. I wasn't paying attention and I messed up the bubble skirt so I have to take it apart and fix it. 
See that pile o boxes? Its because we are MOVING! Oh my gosh moving stinks! I've been going through everything and we are selling a lot before we move. We are selling all the baby stuff except for clothes, as well as furniture, toys, and a bunch of my clothes. Our house is full of boxes and I am working hard to try to get all this ready before we move on May 25. Thats right we have one month! 
Where are we moving you ask?
Thats right we are moving to Maryland!! 
Why? Because Morgen got a Kick A job! Woot!!! He applied for an internship but was offered an awesome job instead and BYUI is going to count the first few months as an internship!
We are super excited but a little nervous too. I know a friend in DC and my grandfather lives in Maryland, but we don't really know anyone there. But I'm hoping it will be just as awesome as when we moved from CA to Idaho. We were nervous. We knew one other couple. But we made some amazing friends, friends I'm really sad to leave. Tabitha has some Awesome little friends and I've made some Amazing Mommy Friends who I know I will be life long friends with. So here's to new adventures! I hope I will start having more time to blog now that morgen is out of school and has pretty regular hours. My goal right now will be to blog once a week. So I hope you all stay with me! 

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