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Tommee Tieppee Review

Last month I was sent some awesome Tommee Tippee products for Eva to try out. We already knew my kids were Tommee Tippee fans. Tabitha would only take their binkies when she was little and when she started taking sippy cups I could never find any that she couldn't bang on the floor and make a mess with. Until we found the Tommee Tippee explora straw cups. Tabitha loved those cups and so did I. No matter how hard she banged on the ground with them, they didn't leak. They were easy to clean by popping out the inner seal and putting the small pieces in the basket in the dishwasher.

When Eva came along I tried every bottle I could with her and like Tabtiha she was not a fan. I finally got her to take a bottle when we tried the Tommee Tippee Sensitive tummy bottles. She is not a fan of any binkies except the Tommee Tippe ones so when I got the box of items from Tommee Tippee I was excited to see what they had sent me.

 In the box where two kinds of sippy cups, the truely spill-proof trainer cup girl cups, and the closer to nature first sips weaning cup. We hadn't used any sippy cups up till 10 months because Eva had no interest in sippys. Eva loves both of these cups. We started with the first sips weaning cup because it seemed to be the easier for Eva to use. She took to it right away. She loves these cups. The closer to nature first sips weaning cup really is a non spill drinking cup. Even with everything Eva can throw at it it doesn't leak. The first sips weaning cup is designed to ease the transition from bottle to cup drinking (although Eva is breastfed, it was a great first cup for her). It has a patented advance-flo technology for easy drinking, with ta super-soft and sensitive spout with flexible ribs. It has a 5 fl oz capacity. This cup is BPA and Phthalate free. The awesome part is the cup base is interchangeable with closer to nature nipples. And the best part it has a hygiene cap that will cover the spout when it falls on the floor! This cup is recommended for babies 4 months +.

 As far as the Truely Spill-proof trainer it took a little longer for her to warm up to this cup. This cup being a truly spill-proof cup is harder to suck out of so its not for young babies or for babies first sippy. Its best if they know how to use a sippy for this one. But now that Eva has the whole using a sippy down she loves these cups. I fill one half way with water every day and just leave it for her. She likes to crawl over to it and take a sip every once in a while, she also loves to carry it around with her around the house. Tommee Tippee is our go to sippy cup around here. Until Tabitha stopped using straw cups we only used Tommee Tippee cups for her. The Truely Spill Proof Trainer holds 9 fl oz. It has a dura spout: a soft touch spout for younger teeth. Its guaranteed easy to drink and hold. The lid is interchangeable with all Easiflow cups specifically for baby's age and stages. These cups are for babies age 6 months +. They are super easy to clean and are dishwasher and microwave safe. I will continue to use Tommee Tippee cups for Eva as she gets bigger.

The other thing that was included in the package from Tommee Tippee were two different Chewthers. First was the Closer to Nature Chewther stage 1. This is a really cool Chewther/teether. The Chewther Teether stage 1 was scientifically developed in association with a leading authority in pediatric sedentary. It is designed to support lip, jaw and muscle development. Chewther teethers are supposed to help with the pain associated with teething, and I think they do a pretty good job! Eva loves this teether. I didn't even realize she was getting a tooth in till I thought about the fact that she has had this thing in her mouth non stop for a few days. She hasn't been fussy but she has just been happily chewing on this Chewther.

Here's some of the features of the Chewther stage 1 teether:

Helps prepare baby for thicker liquids
Supports jaw, lip and muscle development
Supports oral development
Self soothe - sized and shaped for your baby to stimulate and develop gums
Speech development - helps develop lip seal and muscle coordination for speech development
Progressive feeding - encourages jaw and muscle coordination appropriate for each feeding stage
Tooth care - textured surfaces help care for fragile new teeth
BPA free

With Tabitha I tried a ton of different teethers and none of them worked. With Tabitha we mostly used teething tablets and that worked well but I could tell she wanted something to chew on and none of the teething rings or anything I could find worked for her. I'm so happy I have these new Tommee Tippee teethers for Eva to try.

The second teether they sent us is the Closer to Nature Dual Ended Teether. It has two different shaped teethers on each end to sooth the pain associated with teething. Eva likes to hold on to one end while she has the other end in her mouth as she cruises around the living room. This teether is must for long car drives too. Eva Loves it and so do I. Some of the benefits of the Closer to Nature Dual Ended Chewther are:
Helps prepare baby to chew pureed foods,
Supports jaw, lip and muscle development.
Suppoorts oral development
Self sooth-sized and shaped for baby to stimulate and develop gums.
Speech development- helps develop lip seal and muscle coordination for speech development.
Progressive feeding- encourages jaw and muscle coordination appropriate for each feeding stage.
Tooth Care- textured surfaces help care for fragile new teeth.
And its BPA Free!
The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Dual Ended Chewther is recommended for babies 4+ months.

This is yet again another win for Tommee Tippee! I've yet to find a Tommee Tippee product that hasen't totally nailed it! Tommee Tippee products are sold at Babies R Us and Target.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Dual Ended Chewther retails for $6.99.
The Tommee Tippee Explora truly spill-proof trainer  retails for $8.49 for a 2 pk.
The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Stage 1 Chewther retails for $6.99.
The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature first sips weaning cup retails for $6.99.

I received these products free in order to facilitate my review. I would never recommend a product I myself would not use for my children. 

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