Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer fun with kids: getting pretty

Today was a special day for my little girl. When I told her what we were doing today she got so excited. As Tabitha calls it, we got our pretties on!

Today was beauty day at our house. I painted Tabitha's nails and chalked her hair. She loved chalking her hair.
Hair chalking is so easy an I never thought that it would be.
All you need to do is wet the hair, and pull the chalk through the hair. I actually used sidewalk chalk because that's what we had. I put the chalk in water and it made the colors really stand out.
We did it with Tabitha's friend Afton and her mom and both girls had a blast. We also put on the sprinklers and played with the water and chalk.
The girls had a blast and Tabitha keeps asking when I can chalk her hair again.
Just and FYI dark colors will take a few washes to come out. Pink came out right away but blue stayed in after the first wash.

1 comment: said...

What a cool idea! If my daughter's hair EVER grows, I'll remember this! :)


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