Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge hardest challenge

Today's topic is the hardest challenge I've been faced with. It may sound lame, but really my hardest/biggest challenge is being able to get my sewing or crafting done with two kids. I used to have so much more time, but Tabitha has been going through a very needy stage lately and Eva is only 5 months old. Not to mention how often my machine breaks down, I still have a dress and some car bags that I owe people that haven't been finished. My goal for this weekend is to get them done. No matter what. I also need to move my sewing machine back upstairs. Its been in the kitchen for a while because I had to keep taking it in, but now that it is working I need it upstairs to get my work done and with my back problems I can't bring it up myself. I really think that it all comes down to time management. Its not really something I had a problem with before, but now with two kids, I have to be so much better about how I manage my time. I also need to multi task better. =)
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