Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What I've been up too

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Well it looks like we made it through that last bought of the flu, but we've still been stuck inside a lot because of rain, and hail, and even some snow. Yes snow. I so miss California, although I hear they are having a ton of bad weather too, so its not too bad. We've been having about 3 days of pouring rain and then 2 days of some sun. The last two days have been lovely. It inspired me to sew something nice and summery for Tabitha. I absolutely love rompers, they are just so darn cute, and Tabitha likes to wear them too so thats a plus! (Morgen hates them because he says they are hard to change her diaper, but I don't care because she will be out of diapers next summer and won't be able to wear them since they are too hard to get off when your still learning to use the potty). I had this super cute yellow plaid that I found in the remnant bin at walmart. It only cost $1.20 for 1 yard. And 1 yard was perfect. I have enough left to make some little hair bows for Tabitha to go with it. Now to the cuteness.

The shorts are made from a panty pattern that I lengthened a little and didn't put the elastic in the legs. The top pattern I made. The top is a little big so I'll make the next one a little smaller and the neck a little lower. The buttons were from a button bag I got at Michael Levine in LA for $2.00 (the bag like 60 buttons in it). This outfit cost less than $2.00 total to make too! 

I made these shorts using the same panties pattern and instead of putting elastic all the way around I did pin tucks along the front and put elastic in the back. I had this left over from fabric I used for a Sorority Sweatshirt in college. 

I made this 0-3 month dress for my Etsy shop. I just recently learned to shirr fabric and I love the effect. 

I like the stars, I did them a little wonky on purpose. All stars are different so I like that they are all a little different from each other. 

I love the polka dot fabric for the skirt. I took apart a dress I had made for my self but never wore and used some of the fabric for this and a skort for Tabitha that I haven't hemmed yet so I need to do that then I'll post pictures. 

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