Sunday, April 25, 2010

right now

watching Tabitha play in her ball house, shes laying in it kicking the walls and throwing balls in the air. Definitely a birthday success present.
thinking about doing a tutorial for the shirt I made Tabitha, but also thinking that its not that good and no one really cares. eh.
Tabitha is crawling on my back as I type.
really wanting to watch America the story of Us on the History channel tonight, I'm taping it for tomorrow.
just finished filling out the transcript requests for Morgen to send to CSU Bakersfield.
thinking I want another cupcake,
wishing Tabitha's cold or whatever it is would go away and I could have my sweetie pie back
Telling Morgen its time for him to be Tabitha's pony, my shoulder hurts
Thinking about how cheap it is to live in Bakersfield
Thinking I'd hate to leave all my friends to go there
knowing that whatever happens the lord has a plan for us.
counting down the minutes till Tabitha's bed time (If i put her down too early she'll be up in 2 hours and then not go down till 12)
trying to figure out how I'm gonna finish the new shirt I'm working on for Tabitha. loosely based on this dress
wanting to make this dress
Its from Tea Collection, I love their stuff but not their prices, yowza!
Excited that tomorrow I'll hopefully get more fabric from the fat quarter exchange I did on Sew Mama Sew!
Thinking I'm gonna use some of the fabric I've already received to do make a dress like that.
Listening to Tabitha "play" the piano with her feet!
Thinking the best sound in the world is to hear Tabitha say "mama mama mama"
Knowing I'm so blessed!

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