Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365 day 26

So Tabitha got to try something new, we had to go to the store and to Joann's and when we went it was nice out but when we came out it was pouring, and of course, I had parked far away because there were no close parking spaces, and we were both just wearing thin sweaters, becasue it had been sunny. So I walked us over to Panda Express and got some lunch, (it was the only place to go under the awning from Joann's). Tabitha is still giving me grief when i try to feed her, so i put some on a plate for her and let her feed herself. She loved the cooked carrots, celery, and broccoli, She also liked the mushroom chicken (i didn't give her any mushrooms though), and the white rice. She loved the piece of fortune cookie I gave her as well.

Later that evening after we got home, she found Dawn's scarf, and it has become one of her favorite toys, she caries it around with her everywhere and puts it on herself or me. She's really starting to develop a strong personality and its so interesting to get to know her.

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